Monday, April 10, 2023


Yesterday was Easter.  A day of celebration and victory!  A day of gathering with friends and family to celebrate the glory of JESUS CHRIST!  HE IS ALIVE!
Now, however, it is Monday...

Another beautiful morning-

one more gift of life!
We rise up and prepare ourselves
for everything but strife!
We know what we must do today.
We pray we get it done.
In doing so, we also pray
that we may bless someone!

"Another weekly morning.
The stress to overcome!
I know what I am going to do
and pain will be the sum!
I have the ammunition.
My targets?  I don't care!
When I get done, raw emotions-
they shall be laid bare!"

How did this country reach the point
where 'feelings' became numb?
We turn on the Nightly News-
another 'shooting' has come!
Why has this madness reached the point
where so few give a damn?
What can be done by those who care,
these tragedies, to jam?

Another day, so glorious,
(pending your location?)
But these tragedies are EVERYWHERE
in every situation!!
"Oh God, Almighty God, we cry
for YOU to intervene!
Affect the heart of man so that
he would not be so mean!
Show him how to resolve his issues
without killing others!
Make him to know that each of us
are truly men and brothers!"

"GOD HELP US, PLEASE!!"  It seems that every night when we turn the news on another mass shooting has occurred somewhere!  Such ought not to be!  When I was growing up, news like this was maybe every 5 or 10 years!  Where did we go wrong?!

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