Monday, April 17, 2023


Busy.  All of us are busy with one thing or another...OR MANY THINGS!  God, however, is also busy, but He already knows what He is going to do about everything that goes on.  NEVER, therefore, hesitate to call on Him for anything!  He WANTS to hear from you!

While God is busy with all things

too great for us to know...
while 'things' in every quarter
exponentially grow...
even while 'things' happen that
are done in secrecy,
He yet has time to so arrange
the lives of such as we!
And He joins us in that living IF
we're wary to invite.
Side-by-side, He joins us to
protect us and to excite!
He's oh so happy to
participate in all we do,
and He desires that we see
each 'situation' through!

God the Father--like a 'Daddy'
with the greatest love,
Participating in our lives-
in, through and above!
Already far ahead of us,
our pathways to arrange...
already far ahead of us
and knowing of all change!

Thus, we can live abundantly,
fearlessly and free!
In Christ alone is our freedom
and our liberty!
Though God, He may be 'busy,'
it is all for our own good,
and grateful we be for His labors
as EVERYONE should be!

Yes, God the Father is constantly busy, (though He already has all things ordered and arranged,) but He is NEVER too busy when we call out His Name!  When we do, HE IS RIGHT THERE!  Never feel that you are insignificant, unworthy or less than worthy of His attention, because His love and care for you is greater than you could EVER fathom!

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