Saturday, April 1, 2023


Every one of us is busy with something.  Are we giving it our best and doing everything we say we would?  If that is the case, why must there be so many 'contracts' amongst folks these days?

Will you do what you say you will?
Will you do all you can?
Why must 'contracts' be as detailed
as a 'building plan?!'

Have YOU done all you say you've done
just to silence me?
What if the project falls apart?
Your presence will I see?

Too often, these days people tell us
what we want to hear
just to shut us up in hopes
that we will disappear!
We even give solutions so
we move on through the day.
BUT GOD, He knows heart and motive
behind ALL we do and say!

No word or motive is unknown
to THE all-knowing God!
May we treat each other as an 'equal,'
as each of us are flawed!
And may we make a conscious effort
to accommodate each other.
After all, truth be told,
EVERY man be 'brother!'

And the pain that's taking place in life-
it is felt by ALL!
And that heart which is causing pain
will answer to HIS call!
The pain be great--but greater be
the One Who brings relief!
His Name is Truth!  And watching 'motive'
is His nature chief!

Are YOU a person providing any kind of service?  Do you continue that service until the job is done?  Do you go back at a certain point and make sure what you did or promised is still happening/working.  God, Himself, holds you accountable for ALL you say and do.  And your reputation rests upon what that 'customer' says about your work!


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