Saturday, April 1, 2023


"Separate yourselves for His use and His good purpose!"  So are we commanded in His Holy Word.  We are NOT commanded to band together with like-minded folk and shut out all the rest!  In doing such, not only do our neighbors suffer, but His Kingdom suffers, as well.

Due to my 'orientation...'

due my 'identity...'
due that which you've been 'taught for years,'
'Due what your peers may think of me,
I'm less than anyone.'
But what if it were YOUR parents?
YOUR daughter or YOUR son?!

So, you 'found out' what I was.  I was
anything but 'straight.'
Before that, our relationship
was wonderful and great!
We got so much accomplished!  All
the goals we did achieve!
Now that you know the 'truth' of me,
the hatred I receive!
For there is One that loves me more
than anyone could know!
Regardless of my attributes,
His love will ever flow!
For He is not a 'person' who
will judge before He cares.
For He is the Maker of ALL things
and receives us unawares!
And you and I, we need to be
like God in every way!
He made us to be like Himself,
His love, for to convey!
Each of us needs one another,
regardless WHO we are!
Neglecting that ONE certain truth
can leave the deepest scar!

A cold and lonely world we will live in if we only associate with those who act and believe the same way that we do!  THAT WOULD MAKE US MERE ROBOTS!  No!  For God put us here to minister to one another, to share His love, and to embrace the ones that no one else will!  For in doing so, they just may be drawn to Jesus Christ.  HE is the One Who has what they need!  We are mere vessels and tools in His hands...IF we allow Him to be Himself!

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