Friday, April 28, 2023

But during the week...

This life and this world will do its best to fill your day and steal your time away from that which matters most!  Sure, God put us in a beautiful place, but there are folks so very close to us who are hurting, lonely and cannot enjoy it the way we do!

Where are the folks that shake your hand
at church and hug your neck?
Why am I so alone all week?
Because my health is a wreck??
So many say 'Hi! How are you doing?'
Do they want to know?
Or are they merely going through motions,
from habit or for show?
I cannot do all the things you do,
And ANY effort you put forth to see me,
it does so deeply bless!
Just to know that others care
and bother to check on me-
THAT makes my spirit jump for joy,
and BETTER, so I be!

Are we not here for one another?
Are we not brothers all?
I know that each of us are 'busy,'
but what's the greater call?
I can find a thousand reasons
to just go on with my day,
but NOT ONE is of more import
upon the Narrow Way!!
So fill your day with all you can
so that you have excuse
to avoid the Call of Jesus,
and be for His good use!
For you will have to give account
before Him on That Great Day!
When He asks if you came to see me,
what will you have to say?

Have YOU done anything today that might minister to someone who is lonely or hurting?  It does not take much, probably just a little bit of your time!  However, I promise you that, if you do, you will reap rewards that last eternally!!

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