Thursday, April 27, 2023

Benefits of Praise

PRAISE.  Sometimes, it is a sacrifice on our part due to situations happening.  Most times, however, it is a sheer reaction to the wonder of His Presence!  At ALL times, though, it is our praise unto Him that causes His Presence to matter what is happening around us!

In spite of all the beauty He

has fashioned everywhere...
regardless of the elements
existing here and there...
no matter what events are taking 
place in any place,
God has His best assigned for them
partaking of His grace!

So many are the benefits
for them that trust in God!
Regardless what this life would hold,
but onward do we trod.
He has the very best for them
that trust Him as their Lord.
In this life and the next He does,
the greatest gifts, afford!

For God so loves us oh so much
He sends His only Son,
and those accepting Him, their lives
not ever will be done!
When days on earth may come to end
they continue in That Place
we only know as "Paradise,"
that God provides by grace!

Oh live, therefore, in such a way
that you will be received
into eternal Paradise,
because You have believed!
Because you have repented and
turned from your wayward ways...
because He is The King of kings
and worthy of all praise!!

WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE!  Yes, Jesus is!  This world gives praise to whomever it will, whomever or whatever pleases them.  Said praise is usually empty, though.  Mere 'words.'  But praise to God is not only fitting and right, it garners benefits that this world CANNOT compete with!

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