Wednesday, April 19, 2023

April 19

A birthday memoir to my daughter.
Vickilove...where do I begin?!  36 years ago, Easter Sunday night, you entered this world so fast that the doctor barely had time to make it to the hospital!  Mom's best friend at the time looked at us and said, in the words of Dr. Dobson, "There's YOUR strong-willed child!"  With each new day that passed, we realized she was right!!
As time went on, we also learned what a blessing it was to have you in the family.  AND IT STILL IS!
"Unplanned?"  "A 'mistake?'"  NO WAY!  God does not make 'mistakes!'  I think your first words were "No daddy!  I do!  I do!"  From then on, (for some reason,) you did your best to compete with or out-do your older brother.  FINALLY, you realized that you did not have to!  You could excel and succeed without ANYONE'S 'approval!'  And THAT you have done!
We are so very proud of you!  You have and continue to amaze...surprise...and bless us in so many ways!  as you continue to advance in the field of medicine!  However, we would STILL be just as proud of you even if you still worked for Steve and Kylie!  But no!  You being you, you continue to improve and better yourself in the medical field...and WE continue to be recipients of the fruits of your labors!  You GAVE us our last car.  And, with your help and wisdom, today we own the truck of our dreams!
Though you work all over the country, when you are home you make sure that the house is stocked with all that we need, (and a few things that we WANT!)  
Where did your mother and I go right?  Who are we to have such a caring...loving...compassionate and intelligent daughter?!
What kind of 'gift' can we possibly obtain for such a wonderful human as you?  What can we possibly 'buy' for someone who has the means to buy anything she wants and makes sure her loved ones have everything, too?!
"Thank You, Father God, for blessing this world with Victoria Busby!  You spared no means in creating her for this man and his wife!"

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