Thursday, April 20, 2023


On the go.  So many of us stop to realize and find our lives being filled with so much activity and 'works' that we sacrifice the most wondrous time at all: being in Presence of Jesus!  We MUST be careful to not get caught up in it all!

So many activities-

so vary every one.
Some folks start out even before
to come the sight of dawn!
At times, life has to be this way,
but ONE THING comes before:
spending precious time with God
to get to know Him more!

No thing at all to interfere
with this precious time, so prime!
Though all around, activities
are biding for said time!
Naught be as important or
enjoyable at all!
So wonderful it is to know
the Lord and Savior's call!

Yes, the calling of The Lord-
there is naught else to afford
the many benefits of such!
Do YOU know His precious touch?

Constantly, life has its many ways of filling up our time with events and activities.  There is ONE activity, however, that MUST be included: TIME WITH GOD!  Let nothing rob you of that wonderful time!

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