Saturday, April 15, 2023

About THAT Morning!

Trying to catch up!

This was meant to be sent last Monday.  'Life' got kinda in the way.  So, here are the words that were supposed to be sent.  Pretend with me, if you will, that it is the day after Easter...

The morning after the morning after--
back to the way it was?
NO WAY!  Now we have Jesus Christ alive
and all He says and does!
He suffered torture, conquered death,
He overcame the grave!
He rose again and now He reigns
our very souls, to save!!
But He stays not in the heavenlies
on His eternal throne!
He stays beside us all the day-
we NEVER are alone!
He guides and He directs our steps,
He prospers and we're blessed!
He sees what we cannot and thus,
in Him, can we know rest!

The morning after the morning after
Jesus gave His all.
It's up to you and I, therefore,
to carry out His Call!
Oh, take Him everywhere you go,
(He is there anyway!)
and let your friends and neighbors know
all that He has to say!

Yes, Jesus came and faithfully did His part...a part that no 'mere' man could do!  Now, we have the precious PRIVILEGE of sharing His love and Life wherever we can with whomever we can!  What a wondrous privilege!

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