Sunday, April 30, 2023

In Constant Service!

Yes, that is the requirement of being a 'Christian!'  It's not a matter of 'When I get a chance...' or 'When I feel like it...,' it is a way of life!  In doing so, The Lord Himself will accompany us and lead us where His Spirit goes!

In service to my God and King
but all throughout the day.
So many, the scenarios, 
that rise and come our way!
In each and every one be some
that hurt and need His touch...
in others, there be evil and
intent to damage much!

God told us, in the latter days,
that such as this would be:
loved ones hurting loved ones without
regard for sympathy!
'Friends' ignoring friends out of
reasons 'whatsoever--'
the guises of the enemy
becoming yet more clever!

In service to my Gd and King-
in service unto ALL!
Having Christ inside the heart
and backing every call!
We MUST avail ourselves each day,
(and go far and above,)
to radiate His mercy and
so demonstrate His love! 

Be saved and avail yourselves, brothers and sisters!  You never know where He will take you, however, you will have the tools and know what to do when you get there!  TRUST HIM!

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Highway 395

Driving through 'the desert.'  I have too often heard of places like this described as 'God-forsaken!'  Nothing could be further from the truth...

The desertscape the fill the vision-
sights to mesmerize!
Amplified by the April
sun high in the skies!
So verdant be the valley wide,
(though it may, 'desert,' be,)
encircled by the snow-capped mountains-
For God is ever-present in
this very LIVING place!
So very many forms of life
He puts into this space!
Each of them would thrive the way
He made them to, and then
they shine in all their glory for
to entertain all men!
(That is, if man would pay attention
as he's passing by!
There's not a thing so pressing that
such cannot catch your eye!)

So STOP!  Make time to look around
at His amazing touch!
Any type of landscape so
contains His caring much!
From mountain peaks ordained with snow
to coastlines, so alive,
to even that which folks call 'desert'
that so amaze and thrive!

In whatever 'environment' you find yourself, make sure that you are not so busy with what you are doing to ignore The Master's touch all about you!


Friday, April 28, 2023

But during the week...

This life and this world will do its best to fill your day and steal your time away from that which matters most!  Sure, God put us in a beautiful place, but there are folks so very close to us who are hurting, lonely and cannot enjoy it the way we do!

Where are the folks that shake your hand
at church and hug your neck?
Why am I so alone all week?
Because my health is a wreck??
So many say 'Hi! How are you doing?'
Do they want to know?
Or are they merely going through motions,
from habit or for show?
I cannot do all the things you do,
And ANY effort you put forth to see me,
it does so deeply bless!
Just to know that others care
and bother to check on me-
THAT makes my spirit jump for joy,
and BETTER, so I be!

Are we not here for one another?
Are we not brothers all?
I know that each of us are 'busy,'
but what's the greater call?
I can find a thousand reasons
to just go on with my day,
but NOT ONE is of more import
upon the Narrow Way!!
So fill your day with all you can
so that you have excuse
to avoid the Call of Jesus,
and be for His good use!
For you will have to give account
before Him on That Great Day!
When He asks if you came to see me,
what will you have to say?

Have YOU done anything today that might minister to someone who is lonely or hurting?  It does not take much, probably just a little bit of your time!  However, I promise you that, if you do, you will reap rewards that last eternally!!

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Benefits of Praise

PRAISE.  Sometimes, it is a sacrifice on our part due to situations happening.  Most times, however, it is a sheer reaction to the wonder of His Presence!  At ALL times, though, it is our praise unto Him that causes His Presence to matter what is happening around us!

In spite of all the beauty He

has fashioned everywhere...
regardless of the elements
existing here and there...
no matter what events are taking 
place in any place,
God has His best assigned for them
partaking of His grace!

So many are the benefits
for them that trust in God!
Regardless what this life would hold,
but onward do we trod.
He has the very best for them
that trust Him as their Lord.
In this life and the next He does,
the greatest gifts, afford!

For God so loves us oh so much
He sends His only Son,
and those accepting Him, their lives
not ever will be done!
When days on earth may come to end
they continue in That Place
we only know as "Paradise,"
that God provides by grace!

Oh live, therefore, in such a way
that you will be received
into eternal Paradise,
because You have believed!
Because you have repented and
turned from your wayward ways...
because He is The King of kings
and worthy of all praise!!

WORTHY OF ALL PRAISE!  Yes, Jesus is!  This world gives praise to whomever it will, whomever or whatever pleases them.  Said praise is usually empty, though.  Mere 'words.'  But praise to God is not only fitting and right, it garners benefits that this world CANNOT compete with!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

JOY! JOY! JOY!! spite of situation. spite of physical condition. spite of what is happening around the world.  THAT is the 'joy' that Jesus Christ provides and means for us to live in!

Joy unspeakable, full of glory
may I find each day!
Enough to get me through it all,
and plenty to convey!
It comes from Jesus Christ alone,
His wisdom and His Word...
it comes from Him Who saves the soul
from all that's seen and heard!

'Situations' and 'conditions'
try to misconstrue!
However, we possess a 'joy'
that's everyday anew!
And joy that we can radiate
but everywhere we go,
so that the ones that we encounter-
those folks, too, can know!

Joy unspeakable--it is in
relationship with God!
We do our best throughout the day-
it makes Him to applaud!
He knows the ups-and-downs of life,
and the stress it brings!
But when we focus on His joy,
our very spirit sings!!

It's all in Jesus Christ and His
great love for such as we!
A greater source of joy, there will
not ever, ever be!
O seek Him for yourself and know
that Everlasting Joy!
He will give you priceless tools
to constantly employ!!

That joy, oh that joy!  It is availed through Jesus Christ alone!  A joy that no 'thing' of this world can affect!  His love provides such at all times in all situations!  TRUST!


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Thinking Back

A few days have passed.  Is YOUR life any different?  Knowing that Jesus Christ is alive again and working at the Father's right?  I certainly pray that YOU realize the TRUE meaning of Resurrection Day!!

Silent is the morning in
the middle of the week.
Reflecting on the week that was-
their outlook was so bleak!
Just days ago, He rode to town
through all the cheering masses!
And what He went through since that day,
our fortitude, surpasses!

The mock proceedings of The Counsel-
the illegal trial...
the insults and reviling, the
betrayal and denial...
the torture from His captives He
endured inside the jail...
how many's love waxed cold by then-
their own affections fail...
the whipping and the scouring
no mere mortal could withstand...
the driving of the spikes into
each foot and through each hand...

This we know due His great Word!
The victory o'er death, hell and the grave
has certainly occurred!

We are grateful for these Truths and all
our Jesus Lord went through!
Let us be careful to forget not
THIS in ALL we do!!

Yes, Resurrection Day may be a few days behind us, BUT JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN!  He is alive and active in all of creation, especially in the hearts and lives of those who invite Him in!  I certainly pray that YOU are one of them!  For His Presence makes all the difference in this life and the next!

Monday, April 24, 2023

So Many Rewards Await!

Day after day, each of us go through situations that NO ONE warned us about!  Even those in Biblical times had their challenges, but they seem to be multiplied in the days we live.  However, NEVER GIVE UP...

Oh, but this I know with all my heart

and confidence assured:
Jesus Christ will recompense us
for what we've endured!
Be it longer presence here
getting His Work done,
or, be it, at last in the very
Presence of The Son!
Either way, we win, you know,
as long as we belong
to the Blood-bought, born-again
ever-growing throng!
For we are not fit for 'sidelines' in
these times or in these days,
we are commissioned to go forth
and demonstrate HIS ways!

Already are there multitudes
out with 'agendas' sharing.
Should WE not be with His Truth
so they may be comparing?
For there is only ONE WAY that
will last eternally!
Oh, let US be the ones who
demonstrate what THAT WAY be!
Whether we are taken by
what we say unto men,
or taken when the Trumpet blasts-
either way, WE WIN!!

Press on, my brother man, in doing
all that you can do
to assure the love and Life
of Jesus shines in you
in all places, to all races,
at all times of day!
Make sure that you exemplify
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

I am called.  You are called.  Anyone with Jesus Christ as their Savior is called to spread the Gospel wherever and whenever we go!  Take that calling not lightly, my brother!  For EACH OF US must give account One Day to Him Who saves our soul!

Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Hidden Suffering

"There's that man again that always has a smile and a kind word.  He NEVER has a bad day!"  Hmm...that's what YOU think!!  I know where to go when such is contrary...

When pain and stress attempt to
overcome and take command...
when 'physical affects' do things
I cannot understand,
I call on Jesus Christ--He reaches
out and takes my hand;
His perfect peace to flood my soul,
His Blood restores this man!

Not each day HERE is 'paradise'
as 'mortal' would define!
Often, when you see this man,
I'm straddling that line;
that line that only them that suffer
oh so clearly know!
It's Christ alone enabling
this man to, onward, go!
My family so clearly knows
these days without a doubt!
The 'public' only knows that jolly
man they talk about!
They know that man to whom they take
their prayer requests and needs...
they know 'that man' so 'popular'
on which their joy so feeds!
BUT GOD, He knows the pain and stress
so very few can see!
And He's The One at my side now,
tending to my needs.
Repairing and restoring me
to be that useful tool
that He uses for to minister
out in a world, so cruel!

Yes, when stress may take command,
my God does fully understand!
And He puts 'suffering' in its place!
Oh, how great: AMAZING GRACE!

Putting on a front?  Not really.  Those of us who deal with pain on a daily basis have learned that God Most High suffices in ALL situations.  Even those pains that hide behind kind smiles and beautiful words!


Saturday, April 22, 2023

The 'Start'

Early?  Late?  it matters not, when I set all else aside and start the day with God.  And He ALWAYS provides a wonderful atmosphere in which to fellowship with Him!

The orioles are singing to me 

in the morning sun.
Their song, it is abundant beauty-
Saturday has begun!
But it shall go no further until
coffee is enjoyed,
and conversation with God happens
with His Word employed!

After conversing with Him, I must
bow my head to pray.
To make it through the days that are,
He is the ONLY Way!
For so much, it is happening
but all around the globe
that's needing of a touch from God-
to take away the evils that
but everywhere abound,
and communing with God is THE only
Way to make life 'sound!'

Thus, as the morning orchestrates
with those upon the wing,
I pray and I receive instruction
from The Risen King!
Too, receive I power to
face all that comes my way!
So much receive I from The King
as I bow and pray!
And He receives my adoration,
praises and my love-
He receives it in this place
and hears it from above
from this man and from the makings
of His mighty hand
that ever-so abound about
this ever-fruitful land!

The Creator and His creations.  I am so blessed to be able to spend time with and in them each and every day!  And it is so necessary and rewarding!

Friday, April 21, 2023


We live in a world that is imperfect and out of balance.  Excuse me, we live in a perfect world filled with people who are imperfect and out of balance!  We see it every day.  It happens to us every day.  BUT GOD has a Perfect Place awaiting us where we shall suffer no longer FOREVER!

Tragedies occur...

somebody causes pain...
the scale of such to vary...
can ANYBODY gain?!
Only when forgiveness is
applied to situation
can progress, healing, mercy and grace
come into relation!

Senseless and so devastating
be the tragedy!
Even 'unrepentant' may
the other parties be!
But forgiveness--it be for YOURSELF,
lest the opportunity
for liberty be gone!

A tragedy?  A word mis-spoken?
Or outright abuse!
Forgiving not the other party
makes you of little use!
Such does not 'release' them or
excuse in any way!
It frees the hurt ones from the bondage
and takes them from the fray!
For God will deal with those who damage
others in any way,
as they will stand before His Throne
and account on That Great Day!
The hurting, we must do our best
to prosper and press on,
KNOWING sure the 'pains' of this life,
in the next life, will be gone!!

Stress, damage and injury will continue to happen as long as we have breath in us.  Woe to them, however, who cause such abuse or allow it to take place!  The eyes of God see and know all, and He will settle all accounts at the Trumpet Blast!  "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

Thursday, April 20, 2023


On the go.  So many of us stop to realize and find our lives being filled with so much activity and 'works' that we sacrifice the most wondrous time at all: being in Presence of Jesus!  We MUST be careful to not get caught up in it all!

So many activities-

so vary every one.
Some folks start out even before
to come the sight of dawn!
At times, life has to be this way,
but ONE THING comes before:
spending precious time with God
to get to know Him more!

No thing at all to interfere
with this precious time, so prime!
Though all around, activities
are biding for said time!
Naught be as important or
enjoyable at all!
So wonderful it is to know
the Lord and Savior's call!

Yes, the calling of The Lord-
there is naught else to afford
the many benefits of such!
Do YOU know His precious touch?

Constantly, life has its many ways of filling up our time with events and activities.  There is ONE activity, however, that MUST be included: TIME WITH GOD!  Let nothing rob you of that wonderful time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

April 19

A birthday memoir to my daughter.
Vickilove...where do I begin?!  36 years ago, Easter Sunday night, you entered this world so fast that the doctor barely had time to make it to the hospital!  Mom's best friend at the time looked at us and said, in the words of Dr. Dobson, "There's YOUR strong-willed child!"  With each new day that passed, we realized she was right!!
As time went on, we also learned what a blessing it was to have you in the family.  AND IT STILL IS!
"Unplanned?"  "A 'mistake?'"  NO WAY!  God does not make 'mistakes!'  I think your first words were "No daddy!  I do!  I do!"  From then on, (for some reason,) you did your best to compete with or out-do your older brother.  FINALLY, you realized that you did not have to!  You could excel and succeed without ANYONE'S 'approval!'  And THAT you have done!
We are so very proud of you!  You have and continue to amaze...surprise...and bless us in so many ways!  as you continue to advance in the field of medicine!  However, we would STILL be just as proud of you even if you still worked for Steve and Kylie!  But no!  You being you, you continue to improve and better yourself in the medical field...and WE continue to be recipients of the fruits of your labors!  You GAVE us our last car.  And, with your help and wisdom, today we own the truck of our dreams!
Though you work all over the country, when you are home you make sure that the house is stocked with all that we need, (and a few things that we WANT!)  
Where did your mother and I go right?  Who are we to have such a caring...loving...compassionate and intelligent daughter?!
What kind of 'gift' can we possibly obtain for such a wonderful human as you?  What can we possibly 'buy' for someone who has the means to buy anything she wants and makes sure her loved ones have everything, too?!
"Thank You, Father God, for blessing this world with Victoria Busby!  You spared no means in creating her for this man and his wife!"

Monday, April 17, 2023


Busy.  All of us are busy with one thing or another...OR MANY THINGS!  God, however, is also busy, but He already knows what He is going to do about everything that goes on.  NEVER, therefore, hesitate to call on Him for anything!  He WANTS to hear from you!

While God is busy with all things

too great for us to know...
while 'things' in every quarter
exponentially grow...
even while 'things' happen that
are done in secrecy,
He yet has time to so arrange
the lives of such as we!
And He joins us in that living IF
we're wary to invite.
Side-by-side, He joins us to
protect us and to excite!
He's oh so happy to
participate in all we do,
and He desires that we see
each 'situation' through!

God the Father--like a 'Daddy'
with the greatest love,
Participating in our lives-
in, through and above!
Already far ahead of us,
our pathways to arrange...
already far ahead of us
and knowing of all change!

Thus, we can live abundantly,
fearlessly and free!
In Christ alone is our freedom
and our liberty!
Though God, He may be 'busy,'
it is all for our own good,
and grateful we be for His labors
as EVERYONE should be!

Yes, God the Father is constantly busy, (though He already has all things ordered and arranged,) but He is NEVER too busy when we call out His Name!  When we do, HE IS RIGHT THERE!  Never feel that you are insignificant, unworthy or less than worthy of His attention, because His love and care for you is greater than you could EVER fathom!

'Seasoned' Saints!

Life.  It gets too busy so often!  IF WE LET IT!  Oft times, we have no choice.  Most times, however, we DO have a choice of how busy we want to be.
In those times of 'busyness,' too many things get overlooked!  Too often, however, that includes precious people about our lives!  

So busy be the businesses
but each way that we turn!
Regardless of establishment,
we have so much to learn!
The clientele--they are the lifeline
causing us to gain!
What happens, though, when 'customers'
are thought of as a 'pain?'

I had a couple come in today.
They were quite 'elderly.'
I noticed how some other clerks
referred them unto me!
After I took care of them, 
I stood back to reflect:
"Why have we lost the corner-stone
of 'mutual respect?'"
Why is it that, with certain 'ages,'
so few associate?
You've naught to fear and much to gain
from them with age so great!!
For 'seasoned folks,' they are the
corner-stone of how we live!
Therefore, the utmost honor and
respect have we to give!!

Yeah, fear NOT the 'seniors' in your life!
Enjoy them every day!
Everywhere you go be one
with oh so much to say!
Desiring the fellowship
of ANYONE who cares!
DO SO!  We may be entertaining
angels unawares!

Too often, in too many places, in too many lives, someone turns a certain age and we just put them into a nursing home and forget about them!  GOD FORGIVE US!!  Unless WE are physically unable to care for them, WE should be the ones caring for them and seeing to their comforts!  After all, the freedoms and privileges we enjoy every day were paid for by THEIR hard work!

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Listen! That Sound!!

Listen!  Can you hear that sound?  It is the sound of Jesus Christ approaching!  Are YOU ready?  YOU CAN BE!  Just confess your sins unto Him and ask Him to be your Savior.  It will change your whole life AND future!!

The King and His Court now approach,
I hear Them yet afar.
The Trumpet sounds and oh so many
celebrations are!
People come together like
the world has never seen,
preparing for The Rapture and
the glimpse of Heaven-scene!

Jesus Christ--the King of kings,
He rides a mighty wind!
The end of THIS life, as we know it,
surely does impend!
He brings upon His wings a much
more excellent of Way
that, we who know Him as our Savior,
we shall live for aye!

Perfection does He bring with Him
we cannot comprehend!
It is a life in Paradise
that shall not ever end!!
No more more sorrow...
no sickness or any pain-
all of this, at His return,
the Born-again shall obtain!

YES!!  The King, He is approaching!
Listen for the Trumpet Blast!
Oh, get your heart right with The Lord!
Be diligent and fast!
No man knows the hour
His return is taking place!
Just be grateful, still available,
is His abundant Grace!!

No man knows the hour.  But why wait, my friend?  Give your heart and soul to Jesus even now and know the incredible benefits of belonging to Him!!  He is NOT merely 'fire insurance' for eternity, He is abundant life for each and every day we go through!


About THAT Morning!

Trying to catch up!

This was meant to be sent last Monday.  'Life' got kinda in the way.  So, here are the words that were supposed to be sent.  Pretend with me, if you will, that it is the day after Easter...

The morning after the morning after--
back to the way it was?
NO WAY!  Now we have Jesus Christ alive
and all He says and does!
He suffered torture, conquered death,
He overcame the grave!
He rose again and now He reigns
our very souls, to save!!
But He stays not in the heavenlies
on His eternal throne!
He stays beside us all the day-
we NEVER are alone!
He guides and He directs our steps,
He prospers and we're blessed!
He sees what we cannot and thus,
in Him, can we know rest!

The morning after the morning after
Jesus gave His all.
It's up to you and I, therefore,
to carry out His Call!
Oh, take Him everywhere you go,
(He is there anyway!)
and let your friends and neighbors know
all that He has to say!

Yes, Jesus came and faithfully did His part...a part that no 'mere' man could do!  Now, we have the precious PRIVILEGE of sharing His love and Life wherever we can with whomever we can!  What a wondrous privilege!

Friday, April 14, 2023

The Spectacle and Gift

The Gift of Life.  Whomever you are, whatever your status, LIFE IS A GIFT!  Be grateful for it always!  For no man knows when it will come to an end!  For some, it comes all too abruptly and violently!

Life--in all its spectacle,

its wonder and its woe,
is fully known to God Most High
wherever it may go!
We do the best we can, we do,
moving forward ever.
And God, He will see to it that,
His supply, does not sever!

Situations--they will happen
we do not count on.
But, through it all, His cloak of
victory we each may don!
He knows the end from the beginning
and all in-between...
He knows all we are going through,
and HIS success be seen!

This I can truly prophesy
because I know Him well!
For lo, these many years, His grace
and mercy I can tell!
For God has NEVER failed this man,
even before I knew
that He sent Jesus as my Savior
before time itself man knew!

Yes, Life--it is a spectacle!
Oh, but not like That Beyond!
That Life that He's prepared for all
that, of Him, are so fond!
Situations rise and fall,
but constant God remains!
And them that have Him in their hearts,
securely, He retains!!

Yes, this earthly life has its daily ups-and-downs, but them that belong to God Himself are more able to weather such tide!  Know Him as Your God and Savior today, won't you?

Monday, April 10, 2023


Yesterday was Easter.  A day of celebration and victory!  A day of gathering with friends and family to celebrate the glory of JESUS CHRIST!  HE IS ALIVE!
Now, however, it is Monday...

Another beautiful morning-

one more gift of life!
We rise up and prepare ourselves
for everything but strife!
We know what we must do today.
We pray we get it done.
In doing so, we also pray
that we may bless someone!

"Another weekly morning.
The stress to overcome!
I know what I am going to do
and pain will be the sum!
I have the ammunition.
My targets?  I don't care!
When I get done, raw emotions-
they shall be laid bare!"

How did this country reach the point
where 'feelings' became numb?
We turn on the Nightly News-
another 'shooting' has come!
Why has this madness reached the point
where so few give a damn?
What can be done by those who care,
these tragedies, to jam?

Another day, so glorious,
(pending your location?)
But these tragedies are EVERYWHERE
in every situation!!
"Oh God, Almighty God, we cry
for YOU to intervene!
Affect the heart of man so that
he would not be so mean!
Show him how to resolve his issues
without killing others!
Make him to know that each of us
are truly men and brothers!"

"GOD HELP US, PLEASE!!"  It seems that every night when we turn the news on another mass shooting has occurred somewhere!  Such ought not to be!  When I was growing up, news like this was maybe every 5 or 10 years!  Where did we go wrong?!

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Resurrection Sunday!

HAPPY EASTER!  He is Risen!  HE IS RISEN, INDEED!  Jesus Christ the Lord is alive and well and reigning in the hearts of all who invite Him in!
Are YOU one of them?

Resurrection Sunday-
the stone is rolled away!
He is not here, FOR HE IS RISEN!
That which the foe attempted, it's
become our victory!
That which the prophets spoke about,
our own eyes, get to see!

The grave, for it is empty,
In spite of any 'politics'
that any could contrive,
He is alive and claims His place
at God the Father's right!
Hearing our prayers and responding-
it is His delight! 
The Father knew before all time
that such would have to be.
And Jesus knew before He came
what His fate would be.
Yet, He looked at His Father and
He told Him
 "I will go."
All the while, the week's events,
did He fully know!

Now we celebrate!
Jesus Christ is life anew!
Abundant life, so great!
Past 'hiding eggs...' beyond all candy,
more than ham or feast,
Allow Him be increased!

New life.  New hope.  New assurance!  All because Jesus Christ the Son of God and God the Son set His own desires aside for the betterment of all men!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Holy Week

As we reflect upon all that Jesus endured this week, may we not take it for granted, take it lightly, or outright ignore His Holiness!

Legions were available
and set to His command.
He could have spoken just one word-
all Heaven on demand!
He could have used His Godly powers,
all suffering to prevent,
but Jesus fully knew His mission
and why He was sent!

This week, it was so very painful
throughout history!
But God turned it to become
the best to ever be!
Putting His Son through all things
that we would face in life,
to assure us we could handle
every kind of strife!

That which the enemy afflicted
God knew all about!
Jesus Christ Himself, He knew,
but He did not back out!
He went through all He did because
He knew the victory
that would be made available
so free for such as we!

So take a moment and reflect
upon the week we're in.
Ponder what has taken place
and what could have been!
Be thankful for the Lord's actions
securing liberty
for them that claim Him as their Lord
and all humanity!

Holy Week.  It IS for them that know the fulness of His salvation!  I certainly pray that YOU are one of them, and appreciative of all that Christ has done and continues to do to this day!

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Painful Pain!

Painful Pain.  That may sound funny, but there is nothing humorous about it to those who go through it day after day.  And, trust me, they are closer than you think!

I heard that you were hurting.
There're so many types of pain!
Some are quite detrimental,
while some be to our gain.
But that which you are going through
must not be done alone!
Please know that we are here for you,
and, unto God, it's known!

It feels like no one cares about
the pain that you are in.
Nothing's further from the truth!
For all of us have been
where you are right now.  HOWEVER,
that stops not your pain.
WE CARE!  We're here to listen so
that help you might obtain.

I heard that you are hurting.
Please, do not retreat from us
and take this on your own!
You are loved!  You are special!
And there are folks who care!
Please share the way you feel with us
so that we are aware!
There may not be much we can do,
but we can stay in touch;
and we can lift you up to God!
His touch--it can do much!
For His Son Jesus suffered ALL
so He would know our pain!
Reach out, my friend, so that, your healing,
you may soon obtain!

Yes, there ARE people who care, people who WANT to help!  But you must be able to open up about what you are going through so that we can.  Yes, God is fully aware, but it helps to know that others are aware and are praying for you.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023


Going about the day.  Doing what must be done.  Even doing that which is asked of us.  But what do our TRUE feelings reflect when we are asked to help or see folks in OTHER situations?  Or does that REALLY matter?

Does it matter what we say

or how we treat each other?
The day, it may be over, but
tomorrow is another!
All that we do and say, it is
kept track of and recalled.
And we shall give account of it
when, to His Throne, we're called!
But even before THAT happens, in
our living day-to-day,
our words and actions have effect
on living in some way!
Some of those ways are positive
and cause us to advance...
some of those ways are negative
and lead to 'circumstance!'

Let us be careful, one and all,
in dealing with each other.
Who knows?  That which we do and say
may lead them to be 'brother!'
Yes, Jesus Christ Himself, He is
concerned in ALL we do!
And it is our actions that
will lead to faith anew!

For God is Holy, God is righteous
and, if we are His Own,
He EXPECTS all righteousness,
in our works, to be known!
The other party may care less
about 'integrity.'
BUT GOD requires the very best
to come from such as we!

YES!  Our words and actions not only matter, they have this life and the next!  Check your spirit every time you react...speak...write or even think something!  GOD IS AWARE!  And He expects His children to be a reflection of Him!

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

His 'Time' is Above Our 'Time!

In the days in which we live, it is so easy to be 'caught up' in 'ritual!'  That applies to our quiet time with God Most High.  I know some folk who do it first thing in the morning.  What happens if something comes up such as 'life' at that time?  Some move on with 'life' and forget or outright neglect to get back to their time with God!  WHAT A LOSS!

The glory of His Majesty,

the power of His Name,
the wonder of His Presence,
they are all for us to claim!
And they are present as I present 
myself before His feet.
Without this time before day ends
my life is incomplete!
Here, we converse of all that happened
all throughout the day.
We listen to each other in
this time that most call "pray."
BUT, prayer is NOT a monologue
when Christ and I converse!
It is a priceless conversation
that, often, inspires verse!
Greater, though, it is THAT time
that's necessary so!
Regardless of the time of day,
we tarry and we grow!

Not always is the most of time
that's spent with Christ the King
the first thing in the morning!  At times,
HE chooses my offering!
As He already knows what time is best
for this man to receive
and give back to Him in ways
that ALL of us achieve!

Friend of mine, DO NOT get 'caught up' doing the 'same old...same old...' ESPCIALLY WITH GOD!  That's what you 'ritual.'  That's what you call 'putting Him in a box!'  And I guarantee you, He is greater than ANY box YOU attempt to put Him into!

Monday, April 3, 2023

Unstable Elements.

That is THE one, true statement we can say about the weather!  Wherever you live, whatever the climate, we are subject to it!  Some places are better than others, but we ALL feel its affects eventually!

The wind is able and has the trees

dancing all around!
Standing outside right now,
so majestic is the sound!
The same, though, is so dangerous,
elsewhere in the state!
I must enjoy it while I can,
lest it should devastate!

So majestic!  So amazing
this moment is to be!
God Most High, He's in control,
but all things, He can see!
He knows the damage that may be.
He knows what He will do.
He knows the victory that will be
when all of this is through!

'Oh great and mighty God, protect us
from the storms that are!
Help us to see what things will be
and not the things that are!
We KNOW You have each step we take
orchestrated so,
regardless of the thunder, rain,
and all the winds that blow!'

The wind is able.  This, we know.
BUT GOD is greater far!
O, cling to Him so greatly and
not what 'conditions' are!
The storm will come and run its course,
comforting, repairing!  His
Great Love to, freely, share!

Whoever you are, wherever you live, each of us are subject to the elements.  There is only one thing certain about them: GOD IS NECESSARY TO ENDURE THEM!  Regardless what they do, He is STABILITY and will help us to recover!

Saturday, April 1, 2023


"Separate yourselves for His use and His good purpose!"  So are we commanded in His Holy Word.  We are NOT commanded to band together with like-minded folk and shut out all the rest!  In doing such, not only do our neighbors suffer, but His Kingdom suffers, as well.

Due to my 'orientation...'

due my 'identity...'
due that which you've been 'taught for years,'
'Due what your peers may think of me,
I'm less than anyone.'
But what if it were YOUR parents?
YOUR daughter or YOUR son?!

So, you 'found out' what I was.  I was
anything but 'straight.'
Before that, our relationship
was wonderful and great!
We got so much accomplished!  All
the goals we did achieve!
Now that you know the 'truth' of me,
the hatred I receive!
For there is One that loves me more
than anyone could know!
Regardless of my attributes,
His love will ever flow!
For He is not a 'person' who
will judge before He cares.
For He is the Maker of ALL things
and receives us unawares!
And you and I, we need to be
like God in every way!
He made us to be like Himself,
His love, for to convey!
Each of us needs one another,
regardless WHO we are!
Neglecting that ONE certain truth
can leave the deepest scar!

A cold and lonely world we will live in if we only associate with those who act and believe the same way that we do!  THAT WOULD MAKE US MERE ROBOTS!  No!  For God put us here to minister to one another, to share His love, and to embrace the ones that no one else will!  For in doing so, they just may be drawn to Jesus Christ.  HE is the One Who has what they need!  We are mere vessels and tools in His hands...IF we allow Him to be Himself!


Every one of us is busy with something.  Are we giving it our best and doing everything we say we would?  If that is the case, why must there be so many 'contracts' amongst folks these days?

Will you do what you say you will?
Will you do all you can?
Why must 'contracts' be as detailed
as a 'building plan?!'

Have YOU done all you say you've done
just to silence me?
What if the project falls apart?
Your presence will I see?

Too often, these days people tell us
what we want to hear
just to shut us up in hopes
that we will disappear!
We even give solutions so
we move on through the day.
BUT GOD, He knows heart and motive
behind ALL we do and say!

No word or motive is unknown
to THE all-knowing God!
May we treat each other as an 'equal,'
as each of us are flawed!
And may we make a conscious effort
to accommodate each other.
After all, truth be told,
EVERY man be 'brother!'

And the pain that's taking place in life-
it is felt by ALL!
And that heart which is causing pain
will answer to HIS call!
The pain be great--but greater be
the One Who brings relief!
His Name is Truth!  And watching 'motive'
is His nature chief!

Are YOU a person providing any kind of service?  Do you continue that service until the job is done?  Do you go back at a certain point and make sure what you did or promised is still happening/working.  God, Himself, holds you accountable for ALL you say and do.  And your reputation rests upon what that 'customer' says about your work!