Thursday, March 30, 2023


Too many people in our lives are too wrapped up in 'things' that are robbing them of TRUE LIFE!  Do not get trapped in the 'traditions' or 'mindsets' that so easily enslave us!

You say to me that we are 'friends,'

but you won't take my call...
At work, we make an awesome team!
But tell me, is that all?
Because I don't 'believe' like you,
your tenets to embrace,
does that mean, when we are elsewhere,
I fall out of your grace?

I know a God embracing all,
regardless of 'belief!'
And, helping them to understand
His Love He makes it chief!
Beyond the 'past and present,' the
'whatever's in this life,'
He has already settled ALL,
regardless of our strife!
We are fully known in His sight
'just the way we are.'
He communes with each of us,
and NEVER from afar!
For I may not believe like you do.
I still love you, though.
And those are truths I feel your heart--
it HAS TO feel and know!

For God is not a 'person' that
will disappoint or fail!
He is Maker, Savior, Comforter and
His ALL does He avail
for blessing, healing, comforting
or ANYTHING you need!
That's why He can, for ANY
situation, intercede!

No matter who you are, what
you've done or what you do
GOD MOST HIGH loves you and He
will give His all for you!

Whatever you've been told...however you've been treated...whatever you are going through, if it is not lifting you up and encouraging you, it is probably NOT from God.  IGNORE IT!  He is TRUTH, and He will prove it to you if you give Him a chance!

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