Thursday, March 2, 2023

Whose 'Power' are You Trusting?

God's ways are far and above our own.  That be settled fact!  He is so merciful and generous, however, that He shares His ways with them that belong to Him.  Yet, there are too many out there attempting to obtain what He has by their own device!  What a waste of time and energy!!

People have necessities,
desires, yes, and WANTS!
The pursuit of grasping such,
so constantly, it haunts!
It's great to have the drive and the
ability to obtain!
But when you lay down your head at night,
can you, then, count your gain?
That which we have garnered, seems to
slip right through each hand!!
At that moment, as one gathers...
where then do we stand?!

"People it's The Lord we need!
He satisfies at length!
To obtain what HE provides,
NO 'HUMAN' has the strength!
It is obtained through JESUS CHRIST,
His Son--not any other!
And cursed be the one attempting
to devise another!
Being 'born again" in him,
His anchor, fast, it holds!
And that beyond our wildest dreams,
He subtly unfolds
seeing to our EVERY NEED
in 'situations' widel
Because we are THE CHOSEN, and
He keeps us satisfied!

ALONE, we strike out attempting
to obtain what's good!
No other Power can provide!
(not that they even could!)
For "the power in the Blood"--it's like
not any other HERE!
Yet press on do some, obstinate!
Oh, when will they see clear?!
Your steps are ordered.  Why not just
SUBMIT unto His lead?
I promise you, you will be grateful
that, HIS WILL, you heed!"

I believe His Word calls it 'grasping at the air' when He calls us to be His servant, yet we cling to OUR own agenda.  Oh, what empty time spent!

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