Saturday, March 18, 2023


The weekend is here.  AND WHAT A BUSY WEEK IT WAS!  I did as much as I could with all that I could for as long as I could and, now, reward awaits!

The week has had me and the skills

that God would freely give.
Now the weekend, it is here
with many ways to live!
The sun is shining oh so brightly,
though the wind is able!
However, much activity
is waiting on the table!

So much to do out in the yard
that has been neglected!
In the trees, however, Father's
glory is reflected!
I must refill the feeders for
the squirrels and the birds--
they entertain us so, they do,
inspiring many words!

Yea the week has had me and my skills,
Soon and very soon, He vows
these duties will be gone!
'Cause we will be with God, Himself,
and duties, they will change.
For in THAT Place, Perfection is!
(Compared to now, THAT'S strange!)
But He assures it will be good
and worth our service here!
"COME QUICKLY!" do our hearts cry out
to live where is no fear!!

Heaven is waiting for those who belong to Him!  Until then, however, He sees to it that we are taken care of, blessed and showered with gifts that only HE can provide!  We are, indeed, blessed!  Yet, still, the heart cries out "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

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