Sunday, March 12, 2023


Yes, I can hear it now!  Somebody will read this and all they will get out of it is that old 'hippie' saying from years ago!

Savoring the sunshine out

amidst the many trees!
They beautify the landscape as
they dance with every breeze!
They house the ones upon the wing
who sing out all the day!
They reach out with their every branch
to soak up every ray!

And I sing out to God Most High
who makes each one by hand
and places them at His discretion
all across the land.
He paints them individually
and gives them His Own touch,
so birds (and watchers of the same,)
they can enjoy them much!

So poor, the man that thinks he must
destroy these living things
just to profit from the bounty
such creation brings!
There are so many benefits 
that come from God's creation:
the oxygen...the life...the nests
and scenery elation!
And such is why this moment is
so valuable to some!
There is no way to accurately
calculate their sum!
I just know that such is disappearing
at alarming rates!
Enjoy the forests and the trees
before man decimates!!

The purist looks at the grove of trees and gives praise to the God Who created it. 
The farmer looks at the grove of trees and wonders "How much can I get from the crop if I care for it properly?"
The realtor looks at the same grove of trees and says "How much money can I make if I clear them out and build a bunch of homes there?"
TAKE CARE OF THE TREES AROUND YOU, MY FRIEND!  For God put His heart into each one when He created them!

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