Sunday, March 19, 2023

Those Dreams

Each and every one of us have dreams and hopes in our hearts.  However, do we just keep them there, or are we actually BELIEVING, and living a life that will cause them to come to pass?

Tell me, what good are 'dreams' if we
are not in hot pursuit?
If we just live the 'status quo'
we will not see the fruit!
Infact, if we give up on dreams,
we may go in reverse!
The most successful folks I know,
their greatest dreams, rehearse!

For God instilled in each of us
desire to 'attain.'
And it is HIS desire that
we prosper and we gain!
As long as WE desire the same
and do our very best,
we have His assurance that,
our lives, they will be blessed!
And HE can take those dreams we have
and make them come to pass!
Out of HIS very treasuries
that goodness will amass!

So give not up upon those dreams
that you've had for so long!
Think not that, with them or yourself,
there may be something 'wrong!'
His timing, it is not our own.
It's far beyond our grasp!
And He is quite aware of that
which we securely clasp!

Too many folks I know have given up on their dreams and just 'accepted their lot' in life.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  We serve a God Who can do the impossible!  And that dream that you have prayed about: His answer may not be 'No.'  His answer may just be 'Not yet!'

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