Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Winning Hand!

LIFE has something different for every one of us.  Not one of us can say "Life as usual!"  Whatever hand 'life' has dealt you, God can make it a winning hand!  TRUST HIM!

We are so very blessed, we are,

There are so very many things
that could 'put us on the shelf!'
BUT GOD, But God, Himself, assures
that LIFE, it will go on!
And the blessings from His hand
not ever will be gone!
For they flow so very constantly
out of That Giving Hand!
Even throughout the 'situations'
we can't understand!
For such is for HIS reasoning-
that which we CANNOT grasp!
Just know that you are quite secure
inside His very clasp!
And He will NOT release that which
belongs to Him alone:
them that, through the Blood of Jesus,
unto Him are known!

Yea, ALL are known to Him alone,
but them that have The Lord,
they are protected and preserved,
favored and restored!
As long as GOD they serve!
There is so much that He contains
that NO MAN can deserve!
Yet, blessed we are without an end-
just like eternity!
Oh, know Jesus as Your Savior, friend,
and, surely, you will see!

No other way to live victoriously in THIS life!  JESUS ONLY!  And He is available for any and all who ask Him to be their Savior!  HIS GRACE HAS NO END!

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