Friday, March 17, 2023

The Unexpected Again

Ahhh...morning!  But THIS is not the 'morning' I was expecting!  IT'S POURING!  Can YOU handle such and adjust YOUR day accordingly?

The rolling hills are motionless,
(save for the falling rain!)
Said water, it is such a blessing-
all of life to gain!
The wildflowers will be coming
in a week or two,
all for to accentuate
the value of the view!

Such to entertain me as
I visit with the Lord.
He is holy!  He is righteous,
perfect and adored!
We fellowship one with another
before I go to work.
I praise Him, lifting holy hands.
He makes sure naught will irk.
All situations wait me there,
BUT GOD will be there, too,
directing me, leading me
in what to say and do.

And so can He forevermore
for all call His Name!
He is so necessary and,
so freely, ALL may claim
His fellowship. relationship
and ALL He can provide!
DO--and so enjoy all things
inside and outside!

Whether it is raining or not, there is beauty to behold in the time we spend with Him each day AND in the day that we put in.  (And in the people He puts in our day!)  Be ye open to such, my friend, and you will have a much more fulfilling life!


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