Thursday, March 23, 2023

The cost of 'Relationship'

Nothing is easy!  It takes deliberate effort on our part to relate to someone else!  However, just how many of us are WILLING to invest said effort?

Does it seem that the more 'advanced'
our living does become,
the less 'connected' are we, and
'loneliness,' it is our sum?
The more 'convenient' we make life,
the more folks disappear!
Just look around, 'customer service,'
it is nowhere near!!
And 'texts and emails' have replaced
'genuine conversation!'
Thus, concern have very few
for honest, true relation!

not to be 'isolated!'
Why is it now so difficult
to be 'communicated?'
Nowadays, we just 'hang up'
or we walk away
instead of working issues out,
or solving them God's way!

Advancements in technology
are great...BUT AT WHAT COST??
May we be careful that the
'human touch,' IT BE NOT LOST!
And careful that we pay
attention to each other!
You are you and I am me-
and there'll never be another!

Take care of the relationships you have, my friend.  And NEVER forget that it takes effort sometimes to understand one another!  I promise you, though, it is well worth it!

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