Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Precious sunlight!  We partake of this wondrous gift as we go about our day!  Most just take it for granted.  Some, however, know The Source of such and recognize Him as they go...

The sun of middle morning
is warming up the land,
and warming up the heart is God-
I fully understand!
He takes each tree around us and
He sets each leaf aglow!
Every branch and every bough
puts on a glory-show!

He sets the light of living for
the just and the unjust.
Yes, He even shines on them that yet
have not given their trust!
Oh, but blessed be the ones who have
surrendered heart and soul!
For with abundance God will bless
and make complety whole!

The sun of middle morning and
The Light of all of Living!
The same to be Creator God,
So very generous is He
to any and to all
who recognize Him as The Head
and Master over all!

As we go about doing as much as we can for as many as we can, God Most High lights the way for us!  HE IS SO GENEROUS!  So wealthy and victorious be all who recognize Him as such!


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