Monday, March 20, 2023

Succeeding Every Day!

Success.  Each and every one of us desire such for each day we go through.  There are settled and secure keys to obtaining such.  Have YOU found them yet?

So early in the silence,
yet so much going on!
One must put effort into making
that 'so much' to be gone
if only for a short time, while
The Father comes to call!
RESPONDING to that summons is
solution to it all!

For He has all the answers we
will need throughout the day,
and, in HIS perfect timing, He
will send each one our way!
But not until each one is needed
as we go along.
Similar to the lyricist
assembling a song!
Each word, each stanza,
chorus and each verse
falls into place--all we must do
is live it in rehearse!
And a perfect composition,
each day, comes about;
and He assures that His belongings
we are not without!
In fact, He sees to our success
as, His will, we heed!
That ONE key, my precious friend,
a most important need!
And silence, it is broken by
the gentle song of bird!
and greater, far, than 'word!'

Yes, there you have it, my friend--THE recipe for success!  It is available to any and all who are patient enough to trust, obey and listen!


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