Monday, March 27, 2023

Springtime Soaking!

Such to wake me on this late March morning!  No problem.  It only postpones briefly the plans I had.  There is plenty to keep me busy, however!  Like reminding my fellow man of the wonder that Jesus is!

The rhythm of the rain today

has caused me to arise!
Man has no way to measure what
is falling from the skies!
From the east is to the west
it entertains with ease.
A perfect time for Jesus to
come back upon the breeze!
He's going to come back, you know?
His Word, it does assure!
Returning for the faithful ones
that, daily, would endure!
Returning for those sleeping ones
who've kept the faith alive,
laying the foundation so
that others could arrive!
Passing on the Torch of Truth:
The Word that has no end!
Yes, all of us that, when HE says,
with Him will ascend!

'COME QUICKLY!' does the heart cry out
as we are pressing on!
We aspire to be with You
in Paradise, Lord, 'yon!
We read about the wonders of
That Place You have prepared!
We are ready and so waiting for
That Trumpet to be blared!'

Yes, JESUS IS COMING!!  Oh, be ye prepared to meet Him, my friend, because the Place that He is taking us is far beyond even a poet's imagination!

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