Thursday, March 2, 2023

Ready at all Times!

The longer we live, the more we see the need for what God avails to our world around us!  However, there are also those around us belonging to Him waiting to bless someone!  The need is great, indeed.  But are you CERTAIN that it is YOUR time to respond?

There is so much more awaiting those

who persevere and WAIT!
Though tempting be the instinct to
go forth and set your fate!
Pressing on at Jesus' speed
not only blesses much,
it makes sure troubles and destruction
you don't even touch!
I KNOW there is much to be done,
BUT, have YOU been called?
The blessing and reward is for
ANOTHER that's installed!
For there is PLENTY left for you,
just wait until HE calls!
For if you don't, the floor may drop
and down will come the walls!

I know it's hard to learn the timing
of the Holy Spirit.
But, if you pray and read His Word,
you WILL distinctly hear it!
At THAT time, give it all you've got,
and give to HIM all praise!
He'll see to it your rewarded
with abundance in your days!

So many things to do for others-
the greatest is TO PRAY!
From there, He will direct you as to
what to do or say!
Just be open and available,
enlightened to HIS lead!
Great will your reward be, friend,
as long as you just HEED!

For some of us, the hardest thing in the world to do is to NOT just 'jump in and try to fix everything!'  There is ample opportunity for every believer to be used for His glory!  Just be open to His Spirit lead to know when and where!

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