Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Priceless Outlook

That 'dreaded' time comes around once again: weekday morning!  But such DOES NOT have to be a dread!  Said time CAN be the most valuable time of day!  All it takes is your 'outlook!'

How brilliant be the morning!

So vibrant and alive!
The sun illuminates all life
with springtime to arrive!
I look around the country--every
weather going on.
I pray for them each day to God,
that fortunes won't be gone!
And I gloat NOT in these perfect days!
and savor such a morning, before
into the world, I'm led!
Already are my trips ordained
with people, places, things,
but, if I take the Lord with me,
my being freely sings!

And so do I...but not just yet,
I still have a little while
to behold creation with
my Father God, and smile!
To 'hear' His great creation
and take in its wondrous scents,
out here, in the morning, as
I think of it's contents!

Savoring the brilliant morning with
my Jesus at my side!
He makes sure I'm victorious,
I make sure He's glorified!
And we converse so freely before
I head off to work
doing His great bidding as
a humble, merchant clerk!

Every opportunity you get, get out into His creation and be amazed at the moving of His hand!  IT IS RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!  The only effort it takes is PURPOSE on our part to do so, for God's already done the rest!

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