Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Our "Availability"

If we are engaged in anything that involves 'people,' we are to be keenly aware of opportunities to dispense the gifts that God has endowed us with!  (Yes, each of us that belong to Him ARE gifted!!)  BUT, not every one of us are willing to do so!

How many opportunities

do we IGNORE each day
that will have eternal impact
in one's life some day?
Because we have OUR OWN list of
what WE want or need done,
we neglect or we overlook
the necessities of ONE!

"What would Jesus do?" we ask,
then we don't wait to hear!
Opportunities, they are
but constantly so near!
They even come directly to us,
but we're too engrossed
in 'activities' that will
benefit US the most!

There is a Greater Storehouse, into
which we should deposit!
A mighty windfall it could reap,
If only we invested more
into our fellow man,
such could TOTALLY reshape
our 'retirement' plan!!

So needy are the folks we see
but each and every day!
But very few will come right out
and genuinely say!
It's up to one and all that Name
the Son of God as Lord
to look and listen for the 'signs,'
and great be THEIR reward!

The things that people do...the 'meaning' of their words...even their countenance and the way they carry themselves...all of these can be signs TO US that they may need something or just need to talk to someone who cares!  Will YOU be available for them and be HIS HAND EXTENDED?

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