Monday, March 6, 2023

Off we go!

"Work?"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  This isn't 'work!!'  It's a great blessing to fly this little jet wherever THEY want to go!

My passengers are loaded.  All systems check.  It's a 6hr. flight, but we are all stocked and ready.  Enjoy your flight...

The taxiway on 2-6 left.
I wait my turn in line.
Palomar off in the distance-
scenery divine!
Historic, the amounts of snow
that it contains this year!
To see it in the distance is
majestic and austere!
Soon, it will be below me as
our flight eastward begins.
As the pilot, I say a prayer,
as we'll be fighting winds!
2-6 left is now all mine,
the tower gives me clearance.
I pull the throttle slowly as 
we make our disappearance!

But God stays with me as we soar,
gaining elevation.
As I gaze down, so ivory is
His glorious creation!
And all about, a cloudless blue
invites me to enjoy!
So fortunate, to be this man
to be in such employ!
And the glory of my destination-
Maui--always green!
My old friend Ted awaits me there,
when my passengers aren't seen!
I can't wait to catch up with him
before my return trip.
My passengers will stay for 'business,'
I'm just piloting this ship!

What a blessing it is to be able to do what I do!  I wait for the phone to ring.  They tell me where they want to go and ask if I want to take them.  With the jet that they own, it is ALWAYS a pleasure and an adventure!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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