Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Nothing Unknown!

Confidence.  Trust.  Faith.  Assurance.  All of these words can be used pertaining to our Lord Jesus Christ!  He knows us completely.  All that is needed on OUR part is to allow Him Lordship in our lives.  Are YOU able to do that?

"All of life is known to You.
For You are over all!
I am so very grateful I
responded to Your Call!
You love me and You care for me
like not another can!
The future--it is in Your hands,
You have the Perfect Plan!
Even with the issues that be
common unto all,
You have each one already settled
for them that heed Your Call!
And the 'uncommon,' Lord, that happens
aside from Your plan,
You take care of for the good
of this humble man!

Yes, all of life is known to You.
No surprise can be!
Even that which may be 'shocking'
unto such as we!
You knew that it was coming and
You know what You will do!
Thus, confidently, oh Lord, we
may put our trust in You!

No other source in which, such trust, have we.
You never fail!  No disappointments be!
You satisfy like not another can!
With joy, oh Lord, submit we to YOUR Plan!"

Ah!  There's the key: SUBMISSION!  A lot of folks cannot handle that idea!  However, it is something that must be done to know HIS complete victory for our lives!

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