Sunday, March 26, 2023

Noise Around the Yard

The afternoon off.  Time to get to a few things that have been needing attention.  One of them: feeding the little creatures that God entertains us with...

Once again, the squirrels that
I fed so very well,
are wreaking havoc with the dogs-
our laughter to compel!
Entertainment oh so pure,
so humorous and free,
they do not even touch the ground
as they go tree-to-tree!
Fortunately, the feeders--they
are mounted high enough.
The dogs can only jump so high
nowhere near 'the good stuff!'

Now, suddenly, to join the squirrels,
a dozen types of birds.
They've found out I have fed them too,
somehow, with secret words!
The yard's now a cacophony
along with all the chimes!
And such, it helps this man develop
All to glorify the sole
Creator of it all!
He visits me now to enjoy
the variety of call!

Silence--it is treasured, but
when NATURE makes the noise,
I pay attention--knowing that
HE orchestrates with poise!
So grateful for this day with Him
and sunflower seeds!
As busy as life's been of late,
once more, He met our needs!

So very fortunate is this man to enjoy the sound and sight of His creations!  I don't know if I have them trained to come into the yard and dine, or of they have me trained to continue to feed them!

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