Friday, March 31, 2023

Never Unawares!

Regardless what the day contains, it also contains God Most High!  And whatever comes your way today, God is already there and knows exactly how HE is going to handle it.  Are YOU going to trust in HIS way?

Afar, the hills are rising

with trees that are abloom.
The sun is setting them aglow
and Spring is to exhume!
Beyond the hills: infinity...
beyond that, Heaven waits!
Jesus Christ, the Lord, Himself,
will meet us at The Gates!

But on this early evening
He meets me in the yard.
A space in time so valuable,
I NEVER shall discard!
Here, we discuss the scenery
and all of life's events.
Of those constant happenings,
He helps me to make sense.
And that which I cannot, He says
for me to fully trust;
as there are events and times
that cannot be discussed!
Some are painful, some are deep,
some have no word at all!
No matter what, in EVERYTHING,
upon Him we should call!
For He uses hills and trees and seasons
to help us understand
that, regardless what is happening,
we are safe inside His hand!

The glory of His constant care--
that visible and not--
it reassures me that, a caring
Father, I have got!
He is aware of everything-
and, of this humble servant, He
is very, very fond!

Wonderful, caring, loving, generous God!  He is and He ever will be!  Regardless of situation, regardless of environs, regardless of nature, regardless of life itself, He loves us and He is in control!

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