Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Nature in Transition!

Life goes on.  This day, said progress is noted by the changing of the seasons once again.  What?  You didn't notice?!  Take note of it, my friend, and enjoy all of the nuances and subtleties that Creator God puts into it!

Seasons in transition-
winter into spring.
Amidst the storms that are assaulting,
birds, they brightly sing!
The showers...chills...the thunder, they
cannot prevent their song!
The very least that I can do
is join in and sing along!

The labor for the day exists
for this man and for most.
'Elements' cannot prevent
what has our time engrossed!
But even as we hurry up,
rushing here and there,
those wonderments upon the wing,
their precious song would share!

Complexities so simple:
the variety of birds!
They put into blest expression what
we can't put into words!
And they share their song so freely as
we go about our day!
Make sure that you take note of them
and send your thanks God's way!

Seasons in transition-
the birds announce it well!
They narrate what is happening-
emotions to compel!
God is changing all of life,
but it is silent not!
A choral mass upon the wing,
so colorful, He's got!

Yes, winter is turning to spring.  It is certainly visible!  To some, it is felt in the bones!  But, hallelujah, it is also heralded by them that fly all around us!  Savor the song of them as you go your way today!


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