Monday, March 6, 2023


No matter where we go these days, we interact with folks.  Unless your life is 100% 'internet,' you WILL interact with folks at one point or another.  Those folks you see 'appear' to have it all together.  Sometimes, that's only a front!  There are a lot of folks out there that are hurting in one way or another...

You cannot 'see' my loneliness
during our transaction...
Can you 'sense' my hopelessness
in our interaction?
You think I 'have it all together'
due to my success!
Truth be told, I'm crying out
for 'fellowship' to bless!

Do you know how it feels to be
'alone' inside a crowd?
Just because 'I am a Christian,
SUCH cannot be allowed?!'
If only you could feel the pain
that I mask oh so well,
You wouldn't 'laugh' as you go by!
Your compassion would compel!
Yes, I belong to Jesus Christ,
I am His very Own!
But due to 'my condition,'
I feel helpless and alone!
But few want to hear such!  We want
to hear the victories!
But some of us are in the valley,
needing societies!!

Do YOU have time for such as I?
Do I fit in your 'plan?'
Not always is His 'glory' present,
sometimes, afflictions ban!
Ministry, at times, is painful,
especially for 'His Own!'
Tell me, will YOU take the time
for healing to be known?

Yes, there are folks out there that are born-again and fully belong to Jesus Christ.  Does that mean that they do not go through aches and pains of daily life?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Be wary, my friend!  There are even 'Christians' out there that 'feel' helpless and hopeless once in a while.  And they are not listening for you to tell them that 'GOD IS ALL YOU NEED!'  They are in need of TRUE and GENUINE fellowship, love and care.  And they are closer than you think!

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