Monday, March 20, 2023


God is so generous to provide words and messages EVERY time I get a pen and paper.  They are normally inspired by what I've been through or what He is preparing me for.  This message was 'inspired' by some comments my kids have made lately!

'Everybody has a butt!'
That hardly comes to mind.
Everywhere this man would go,
my butt, it stays behind!
My children, they now laugh, and tell me
Granted, if it were a 'contest,'
I wouldn't 'make the cut!
Back when I weighed 300 pounds,
my jeans, they fit so well!
But now that I've lost most of that,
you cannot even tell!
I've tried a belt to hold them up,
yet when I walk, they slide!
It's frustrating--when I am at work,
I'm pulling up each side!

I used to have a butt that was
attractive and 'just right!'
But now, when the doctor checks me out,
it's barely even slight!
It used to seat me comfortably
for many years, for hours.
But now, a 'fitted' pillow--it
must loan to me its powers!

Yes, I used to have a butt.
It's all behind me now.
For God blessed me with such a feature
that's disappeared somehow!
Now, I must use a cushion at
the desk for comfort be.
Thank God it is behind this man
for very few to see!

How was that for an inspiring, uplifting message?  It proves to us that EVEN GOD has a sense of humor, and I certainly hope it has made YOU smile!

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