Friday, March 10, 2023

Instinct...for most!

All throughout the day, you and I go through different situations with different folks.  The help that you may give them often goes YOU think!

Thank you for stopping traffic when
I couldn't cross the street...
thank you for being there when I 
had nothing left to eat...
thank you helping me to lift
those bags into my car...
thank you for helping me today--
you know who you are!

Works happen all the day while most
would look the other way.
Most will not ask for the assistance,
I'm constantly amazed and blessed
at things 'covertly' done!
Folks are blessed...God is blessed...
prospered be EVERYONE!

And that's the way that life should be
but EVERYWHERE we go!
'Miracles' take place, but others
do not HAVE to know!
BUT GOD, He makes note of it all,
and makes it come back 'round,
and when He does, so very many
blessings, they are found!

You may not have even thought of it
when you reached out your hand.
But your reward awaits on high
if you, uprightly, stand!

Every thought and deed you perform through the day has an effect.  YOU may not think so, but God takes notice, and those on the receiving end are VERY grateful!  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!


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