Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How Was YOUR Day?

How WAS your day?  How did everything go?  If you are a Christian, it went perfectly, right?  Yea, right?!

Living...it contains the gamut!

Day-to-day to vary!
No person living can express
"It's just 'the ordinary!'"
Just when we get comfortable
and life is flowing well,
something, somewhere happens to
turn some lives into hell!

It happens to the ones we know
and be with day-to-day...
it happens to the ones we love,
and we know not what to say...
it happens to the ones we work with,
that we are right there for...
but how come, in THESE days, it seems
to happen more and more!!

"Oh God, the Knower-of-all-things,
and Savior of our souls,
we know that, in spite of these things,
You stay at the controls!
And we turn to You alone, these days,
for You know what to do!
You give us words to tell our friends...
and, speak to us, You do!
So, Lord, we turn to You and You alone
in days and times that are!
Your comfort and Your perfect peace
are NEVER from afar!
Even when we cannot find words
to adequately express,
Your Spirit intervenes for us-
abundantly to bless!"

How is YOUR day today?  Did you breeze victoriously through it?  Did you find yourself questioning your very faith?  Did you go through something that even words cannot describe?  GOD UNDERSTANDS IT ALL!  And He desires to hear from you REGARDLESS what kind of day you have had!!  DO NOT ignore Him!

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