Saturday, March 11, 2023


How important to YOU is someone 'keeping their word?'  Jesus must have thought that it was pretty important, as He addressed it directly!  It all comes down to INTEGRITY!  What you may do or say may seem 'flippant' to you, but others are dependent upon it!

I had a wonderful meal prepared,
and two hours set aside,
I guess that you forgot the date,
or were too occupied...

You said that you would call today
we have a lot to say!
It didn't ring, an emergency
must have got in the way...

We made plans to go have lunch together
later on this week!
But you just 'texted,' telling me
the chance for that is bleak...

Each of us have good intents
of keeping up accord.
But just how faithful are we to
keep plans that we have stored?
All of us are busy and
our lives are very full,
BUT, keeping our word with another,
has the greater pull!

If we are not going to follow through,
then make plans not at all!
Such is better than 'promising'
and then watch someone fall!

The Lord said let your 'Yes' be "Yes!'
or do not make the plan!
It's better to do such than to
let down your brother man!
For MANY count on what you say
to be what you will do,
regardless of how minute the issue
may seem unto YOU!

I see it all too often, being who I am and where I am.  Someone tells another what they 'want to hear' just so they can move on!  Good intentions are ONE thing, FOLLOWING THROUGH on a word is quite another!


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