Thursday, March 16, 2023


There are too many 'businesses,' (and even people,) with the mindset that positions of authority are to be only held by 'men!'  I have lived long enough to SEE that, in almost ALL circumstances, a woman can get the job done just as well.  

You say I am accomplished.

You know from whence I came.
In my homeland, less than dirt
would be my very name!
BUT HERE, you celebrate me and
the talents I possess!
You even see to my welfare,
to prosper and to bless!

In my homeland, many suffer
abuse and neglect!
Just for being 'female,' none
of us receive 'respect!'
I know that God, He purposed NOT
for such to be this way!
But 'culture,' habit' and 'tradition'
make 'men' to have all say!
But God be praised!  America
allow me to be 'Me!'
Even to excel at whatever
I may choose to be!
I am recognized as the
person I've become.
And no amount of money is
equivalent to THAT sum!!

I AM WOMAN, with value none
can put a price upon!
As long as I stay upright,
the same will not be gone!

Woman is a GIFT to man from God.  TREAT HER THAT WAY!  She is also very talented and able.  ALLOW HER TO BE!  There are too many places elsewhere in this world where woman is looked down upon.  There are too many men in THIS country who do the same.  SHAME ON YOU IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!  

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