Sunday, March 5, 2023

Captain Davis

I was watching the evening news and they did a story on Capt. Davis, whose paperwork for the Congressional Medal of Honor was 'lost somehow' twice!  As I heard of his exploits, I thought he deserved to be honored by those reading my words!

"Though 'bureaucracy' often overlooks,
and 'politics' abound,
though 'partisan politics'
are everyday around,
though decades have gone on and 'your
paperwork got lost,'
we honor YOU, dear Capt. Davis-
you counted NOT the cost!

While your troops were 'bugging out'
by orders from above,
you stayed until your men were safe-
a selfless gift of love!

Your bravery-it took you where
MOST people would not go!
In spite of "color boundaries,"
your TRUE colors show!
May you have many years ahead,
your honor to enjoy;
savoring FINALLY the fruits
that HEROES can employ!
And may WE, as a country, become
ONE--somehow, some way;
regardless of our race, our creed,
or branch that we obey!

You went above.  You went beyond.
And, thus, a few more live!
This medal and this honor, it's
the LEAST that we can give!
WE owe you decades of respect,
and wages overdue!
We thank God He kept you for this day
so we could honor you!"

Thank you again, Capt. Davis, for going above and beyond even what your 'superiors' would have done in those times that were!  May God bless you with HIS abundance!  May he add days to your life, and life to your days!
God bless you. SIR!

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