Thursday, March 9, 2023


Life, itself, holds so many uncertainties as we go through it.  Companies and corporations and even people can assure you of 'certainties, BUT GOD has yet to fail!

Though gray the morning sight afar,

sunlight, it abounds!
It shines so brightly in the hearts,
(but not upon the grounds!)
It shines in faces and in hearts
that come across my path,
and it goes oh so very far
eliminating wrath!

The Sonlight and the sunlight-
neither can be "seen,"
but we KNOW they're 'presences'
due all through which we've been!
Both of them are necessary
for THIS life to thrive!
The SON of God--the Light of life--
in HIM we are alive!
And we KNOW that He exists
but constantly in LIGHT!
Regardless task or 'atmosphere,
in JESUS we delight!
And He delights in us, we are
'the apple of His eye!'
And we will see Him as He is
soon--when He splits the sky!!

But do not miss Him, even now
my brother, in ALL places!
He makes His Presence known in
situations...locales...and faces!
Glimpses of His Glory to
uplift us to press on;
ensuring us--in everything--
that He will NOT be gone!

God's glorious Presence, at all times and in all places!  It is a welcome relief to His Chosen in whatever we be going through.  AND IT IS ABSOLUTE!  You can certainly count on God!

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