Thursday, March 2, 2023

Aaah...The Sounds of Success!

I hear those sounds as I enjoy the morning with Jesus, a cup of coffee and the emergence of the birds and nature!  Join me, won't you?

So many are the sounds of living-

in, around and through!
As I stand out in creation,
each day is anew!
And 'musical' this time of year
as all the birds arrive!
Very soon, the baby birds
will sing and fly and thrive!

How wonderful, the perfect order
God has set in place!
He does so as He loves us and
provides such through His grace!
We praise Him as we recognize
He is all and above!
We do so as we recognize
it's all from His great love!
And, in That Order, He has made
for EVERYONE a place
to occupy and to excel-
no, life is NOT a race!!
In spite of what the world teaches
and tempts us to do,
ALL will succeed and so excel
IF we keep His Word true!

Yea, recognize the sound of living
'round you, all about!
Savor so its holiness
and give to Him a shout!
For He has ordered man's each step,
we only must obey!
And, surely, will His mighty bounty,
TO US, find its way!!

I know that we are told and taught to 'get as much as we can from as many as we can for as long as we can,' but such living will only wear us out and cause ourselves and to others!  Live life HIS way and come to know the TRUE meaning of 'success!'

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