Friday, March 31, 2023

Never Unawares!

Regardless what the day contains, it also contains God Most High!  And whatever comes your way today, God is already there and knows exactly how HE is going to handle it.  Are YOU going to trust in HIS way?

Afar, the hills are rising

with trees that are abloom.
The sun is setting them aglow
and Spring is to exhume!
Beyond the hills: infinity...
beyond that, Heaven waits!
Jesus Christ, the Lord, Himself,
will meet us at The Gates!

But on this early evening
He meets me in the yard.
A space in time so valuable,
I NEVER shall discard!
Here, we discuss the scenery
and all of life's events.
Of those constant happenings,
He helps me to make sense.
And that which I cannot, He says
for me to fully trust;
as there are events and times
that cannot be discussed!
Some are painful, some are deep,
some have no word at all!
No matter what, in EVERYTHING,
upon Him we should call!
For He uses hills and trees and seasons
to help us understand
that, regardless what is happening,
we are safe inside His hand!

The glory of His constant care--
that visible and not--
it reassures me that, a caring
Father, I have got!
He is aware of everything-
and, of this humble servant, He
is very, very fond!

Wonderful, caring, loving, generous God!  He is and He ever will be!  Regardless of situation, regardless of environs, regardless of nature, regardless of life itself, He loves us and He is in control!

Thursday, March 30, 2023


Too many people in our lives are too wrapped up in 'things' that are robbing them of TRUE LIFE!  Do not get trapped in the 'traditions' or 'mindsets' that so easily enslave us!

You say to me that we are 'friends,'

but you won't take my call...
At work, we make an awesome team!
But tell me, is that all?
Because I don't 'believe' like you,
your tenets to embrace,
does that mean, when we are elsewhere,
I fall out of your grace?

I know a God embracing all,
regardless of 'belief!'
And, helping them to understand
His Love He makes it chief!
Beyond the 'past and present,' the
'whatever's in this life,'
He has already settled ALL,
regardless of our strife!
We are fully known in His sight
'just the way we are.'
He communes with each of us,
and NEVER from afar!
For I may not believe like you do.
I still love you, though.
And those are truths I feel your heart--
it HAS TO feel and know!

For God is not a 'person' that
will disappoint or fail!
He is Maker, Savior, Comforter and
His ALL does He avail
for blessing, healing, comforting
or ANYTHING you need!
That's why He can, for ANY
situation, intercede!

No matter who you are, what
you've done or what you do
GOD MOST HIGH loves you and He
will give His all for you!

Whatever you've been told...however you've been treated...whatever you are going through, if it is not lifting you up and encouraging you, it is probably NOT from God.  IGNORE IT!  He is TRUTH, and He will prove it to you if you give Him a chance!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How Was YOUR Day?

How WAS your day?  How did everything go?  If you are a Christian, it went perfectly, right?  Yea, right?! contains the gamut!

Day-to-day to vary!
No person living can express
"It's just 'the ordinary!'"
Just when we get comfortable
and life is flowing well,
something, somewhere happens to
turn some lives into hell!

It happens to the ones we know
and be with day-to-day...
it happens to the ones we love,
and we know not what to say...
it happens to the ones we work with,
that we are right there for...
but how come, in THESE days, it seems
to happen more and more!!

"Oh God, the Knower-of-all-things,
and Savior of our souls,
we know that, in spite of these things,
You stay at the controls!
And we turn to You alone, these days,
for You know what to do!
You give us words to tell our friends...
and, speak to us, You do!
So, Lord, we turn to You and You alone
in days and times that are!
Your comfort and Your perfect peace
are NEVER from afar!
Even when we cannot find words
to adequately express,
Your Spirit intervenes for us-
abundantly to bless!"

How is YOUR day today?  Did you breeze victoriously through it?  Did you find yourself questioning your very faith?  Did you go through something that even words cannot describe?  GOD UNDERSTANDS IT ALL!  And He desires to hear from you REGARDLESS what kind of day you have had!!  DO NOT ignore Him!


Precious sunlight!  We partake of this wondrous gift as we go about our day!  Most just take it for granted.  Some, however, know The Source of such and recognize Him as they go...

The sun of middle morning
is warming up the land,
and warming up the heart is God-
I fully understand!
He takes each tree around us and
He sets each leaf aglow!
Every branch and every bough
puts on a glory-show!

He sets the light of living for
the just and the unjust.
Yes, He even shines on them that yet
have not given their trust!
Oh, but blessed be the ones who have
surrendered heart and soul!
For with abundance God will bless
and make complety whole!

The sun of middle morning and
The Light of all of Living!
The same to be Creator God,!
So very generous is He
to any and to all
who recognize Him as The Head
and Master over all!

As we go about doing as much as we can for as many as we can, God Most High lights the way for us!  HE IS SO GENEROUS!  So wealthy and victorious be all who recognize Him as such!


Monday, March 27, 2023

Springtime Soaking!

Such to wake me on this late March morning!  No problem.  It only postpones briefly the plans I had.  There is plenty to keep me busy, however!  Like reminding my fellow man of the wonder that Jesus is!

The rhythm of the rain today

has caused me to arise!
Man has no way to measure what
is falling from the skies!
From the east is to the west
it entertains with ease.
A perfect time for Jesus to
come back upon the breeze!
He's going to come back, you know?
His Word, it does assure!
Returning for the faithful ones
that, daily, would endure!
Returning for those sleeping ones
who've kept the faith alive,
laying the foundation so
that others could arrive!
Passing on the Torch of Truth:
The Word that has no end!
Yes, all of us that, when HE says,
with Him will ascend!

'COME QUICKLY!' does the heart cry out
as we are pressing on!
We aspire to be with You
in Paradise, Lord, 'yon!
We read about the wonders of
That Place You have prepared!
We are ready and so waiting for
That Trumpet to be blared!'

Yes, JESUS IS COMING!!  Oh, be ye prepared to meet Him, my friend, because the Place that He is taking us is far beyond even a poet's imagination!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Noise Around the Yard

The afternoon off.  Time to get to a few things that have been needing attention.  One of them: feeding the little creatures that God entertains us with...

Once again, the squirrels that
I fed so very well,
are wreaking havoc with the dogs-
our laughter to compel!
Entertainment oh so pure,
so humorous and free,
they do not even touch the ground
as they go tree-to-tree!
Fortunately, the feeders--they
are mounted high enough.
The dogs can only jump so high
nowhere near 'the good stuff!'

Now, suddenly, to join the squirrels,
a dozen types of birds.
They've found out I have fed them too,
somehow, with secret words!
The yard's now a cacophony
along with all the chimes!
And such, it helps this man develop
All to glorify the sole
Creator of it all!
He visits me now to enjoy
the variety of call!

Silence--it is treasured, but
when NATURE makes the noise,
I pay attention--knowing that
HE orchestrates with poise!
So grateful for this day with Him
and sunflower seeds!
As busy as life's been of late,
once more, He met our needs!

So very fortunate is this man to enjoy the sound and sight of His creations!  I don't know if I have them trained to come into the yard and dine, or of they have me trained to continue to feed them!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

The cost of 'Relationship'

Nothing is easy!  It takes deliberate effort on our part to relate to someone else!  However, just how many of us are WILLING to invest said effort?

Does it seem that the more 'advanced'
our living does become,
the less 'connected' are we, and
'loneliness,' it is our sum?
The more 'convenient' we make life,
the more folks disappear!
Just look around, 'customer service,'
it is nowhere near!!
And 'texts and emails' have replaced
'genuine conversation!'
Thus, concern have very few
for honest, true relation!

not to be 'isolated!'
Why is it now so difficult
to be 'communicated?'
Nowadays, we just 'hang up'
or we walk away
instead of working issues out,
or solving them God's way!

Advancements in technology
are great...BUT AT WHAT COST??
May we be careful that the
'human touch,' IT BE NOT LOST!
And careful that we pay
attention to each other!
You are you and I am me-
and there'll never be another!

Take care of the relationships you have, my friend.  And NEVER forget that it takes effort sometimes to understand one another!  I promise you, though, it is well worth it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Nothing Unknown!

Confidence.  Trust.  Faith.  Assurance.  All of these words can be used pertaining to our Lord Jesus Christ!  He knows us completely.  All that is needed on OUR part is to allow Him Lordship in our lives.  Are YOU able to do that?

"All of life is known to You.
For You are over all!
I am so very grateful I
responded to Your Call!
You love me and You care for me
like not another can!
The future--it is in Your hands,
You have the Perfect Plan!
Even with the issues that be
common unto all,
You have each one already settled
for them that heed Your Call!
And the 'uncommon,' Lord, that happens
aside from Your plan,
You take care of for the good
of this humble man!

Yes, all of life is known to You.
No surprise can be!
Even that which may be 'shocking'
unto such as we!
You knew that it was coming and
You know what You will do!
Thus, confidently, oh Lord, we
may put our trust in You!

No other source in which, such trust, have we.
You never fail!  No disappointments be!
You satisfy like not another can!
With joy, oh Lord, submit we to YOUR Plan!"

Ah!  There's the key: SUBMISSION!  A lot of folks cannot handle that idea!  However, it is something that must be done to know HIS complete victory for our lives!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Nature in Transition!

Life goes on.  This day, said progress is noted by the changing of the seasons once again.  What?  You didn't notice?!  Take note of it, my friend, and enjoy all of the nuances and subtleties that Creator God puts into it!

Seasons in transition-
winter into spring.
Amidst the storms that are assaulting,
birds, they brightly sing!
The showers...chills...the thunder, they
cannot prevent their song!
The very least that I can do
is join in and sing along!

The labor for the day exists
for this man and for most.
'Elements' cannot prevent
what has our time engrossed!
But even as we hurry up,
rushing here and there,
those wonderments upon the wing,
their precious song would share!

Complexities so simple:
the variety of birds!
They put into blest expression what
we can't put into words!
And they share their song so freely as
we go about our day!
Make sure that you take note of them
and send your thanks God's way!

Seasons in transition-
the birds announce it well!
They narrate what is happening-
emotions to compel!
God is changing all of life,
but it is silent not!
A choral mass upon the wing,
so colorful, He's got!

Yes, winter is turning to spring.  It is certainly visible!  To some, it is felt in the bones!  But, hallelujah, it is also heralded by them that fly all around us!  Savor the song of them as you go your way today!


Monday, March 20, 2023

Succeeding Every Day!

Success.  Each and every one of us desire such for each day we go through.  There are settled and secure keys to obtaining such.  Have YOU found them yet?

So early in the silence,
yet so much going on!
One must put effort into making
that 'so much' to be gone
if only for a short time, while
The Father comes to call!
RESPONDING to that summons is
solution to it all!

For He has all the answers we
will need throughout the day,
and, in HIS perfect timing, He
will send each one our way!
But not until each one is needed
as we go along.
Similar to the lyricist
assembling a song!
Each word, each stanza,
chorus and each verse
falls into place--all we must do
is live it in rehearse!
And a perfect composition,
each day, comes about;
and He assures that His belongings
we are not without!
In fact, He sees to our success
as, His will, we heed!
That ONE key, my precious friend,
a most important need!
And silence, it is broken by
the gentle song of bird!
and greater, far, than 'word!'

Yes, there you have it, my friend--THE recipe for success!  It is available to any and all who are patient enough to trust, obey and listen!



God is so generous to provide words and messages EVERY time I get a pen and paper.  They are normally inspired by what I've been through or what He is preparing me for.  This message was 'inspired' by some comments my kids have made lately!

'Everybody has a butt!'
That hardly comes to mind.
Everywhere this man would go,
my butt, it stays behind!
My children, they now laugh, and tell me
Granted, if it were a 'contest,'
I wouldn't 'make the cut!
Back when I weighed 300 pounds,
my jeans, they fit so well!
But now that I've lost most of that,
you cannot even tell!
I've tried a belt to hold them up,
yet when I walk, they slide!
It's frustrating--when I am at work,
I'm pulling up each side!

I used to have a butt that was
attractive and 'just right!'
But now, when the doctor checks me out,
it's barely even slight!
It used to seat me comfortably
for many years, for hours.
But now, a 'fitted' pillow--it
must loan to me its powers!

Yes, I used to have a butt.
It's all behind me now.
For God blessed me with such a feature
that's disappeared somehow!
Now, I must use a cushion at
the desk for comfort be.
Thank God it is behind this man
for very few to see!

How was that for an inspiring, uplifting message?  It proves to us that EVEN GOD has a sense of humor, and I certainly hope it has made YOU smile!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Those Dreams

Each and every one of us have dreams and hopes in our hearts.  However, do we just keep them there, or are we actually BELIEVING, and living a life that will cause them to come to pass?

Tell me, what good are 'dreams' if we
are not in hot pursuit?
If we just live the 'status quo'
we will not see the fruit!
Infact, if we give up on dreams,
we may go in reverse!
The most successful folks I know,
their greatest dreams, rehearse!

For God instilled in each of us
desire to 'attain.'
And it is HIS desire that
we prosper and we gain!
As long as WE desire the same
and do our very best,
we have His assurance that,
our lives, they will be blessed!
And HE can take those dreams we have
and make them come to pass!
Out of HIS very treasuries
that goodness will amass!

So give not up upon those dreams
that you've had for so long!
Think not that, with them or yourself,
there may be something 'wrong!'
His timing, it is not our own.
It's far beyond our grasp!
And He is quite aware of that
which we securely clasp!

Too many folks I know have given up on their dreams and just 'accepted their lot' in life.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  We serve a God Who can do the impossible!  And that dream that you have prayed about: His answer may not be 'No.'  His answer may just be 'Not yet!'

Saturday, March 18, 2023


The weekend is here.  AND WHAT A BUSY WEEK IT WAS!  I did as much as I could with all that I could for as long as I could and, now, reward awaits!

The week has had me and the skills

that God would freely give.
Now the weekend, it is here
with many ways to live!
The sun is shining oh so brightly,
though the wind is able!
However, much activity
is waiting on the table!

So much to do out in the yard
that has been neglected!
In the trees, however, Father's
glory is reflected!
I must refill the feeders for
the squirrels and the birds--
they entertain us so, they do,
inspiring many words!

Yea the week has had me and my skills,
Soon and very soon, He vows
these duties will be gone!
'Cause we will be with God, Himself,
and duties, they will change.
For in THAT Place, Perfection is!
(Compared to now, THAT'S strange!)
But He assures it will be good
and worth our service here!
"COME QUICKLY!" do our hearts cry out
to live where is no fear!!

Heaven is waiting for those who belong to Him!  Until then, however, He sees to it that we are taken care of, blessed and showered with gifts that only HE can provide!  We are, indeed, blessed!  Yet, still, the heart cries out "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

Friday, March 17, 2023

The Unexpected Again

Ahhh...morning!  But THIS is not the 'morning' I was expecting!  IT'S POURING!  Can YOU handle such and adjust YOUR day accordingly?

The rolling hills are motionless,
(save for the falling rain!)
Said water, it is such a blessing-
all of life to gain!
The wildflowers will be coming
in a week or two,
all for to accentuate
the value of the view!

Such to entertain me as
I visit with the Lord.
He is holy!  He is righteous,
perfect and adored!
We fellowship one with another
before I go to work.
I praise Him, lifting holy hands.
He makes sure naught will irk.
All situations wait me there,
BUT GOD will be there, too,
directing me, leading me
in what to say and do.

And so can He forevermore
for all call His Name!
He is so necessary and,
so freely, ALL may claim
His fellowship. relationship
and ALL He can provide!
DO--and so enjoy all things
inside and outside!

Whether it is raining or not, there is beauty to behold in the time we spend with Him each day AND in the day that we put in.  (And in the people He puts in our day!)  Be ye open to such, my friend, and you will have a much more fulfilling life!


Thursday, March 16, 2023


There are too many 'businesses,' (and even people,) with the mindset that positions of authority are to be only held by 'men!'  I have lived long enough to SEE that, in almost ALL circumstances, a woman can get the job done just as well.  

You say I am accomplished.

You know from whence I came.
In my homeland, less than dirt
would be my very name!
BUT HERE, you celebrate me and
the talents I possess!
You even see to my welfare,
to prosper and to bless!

In my homeland, many suffer
abuse and neglect!
Just for being 'female,' none
of us receive 'respect!'
I know that God, He purposed NOT
for such to be this way!
But 'culture,' habit' and 'tradition'
make 'men' to have all say!
But God be praised!  America
allow me to be 'Me!'
Even to excel at whatever
I may choose to be!
I am recognized as the
person I've become.
And no amount of money is
equivalent to THAT sum!!

I AM WOMAN, with value none
can put a price upon!
As long as I stay upright,
the same will not be gone!

Woman is a GIFT to man from God.  TREAT HER THAT WAY!  She is also very talented and able.  ALLOW HER TO BE!  There are too many places elsewhere in this world where woman is looked down upon.  There are too many men in THIS country who do the same.  SHAME ON YOU IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!  

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Priceless Outlook

That 'dreaded' time comes around once again: weekday morning!  But such DOES NOT have to be a dread!  Said time CAN be the most valuable time of day!  All it takes is your 'outlook!'

How brilliant be the morning!

So vibrant and alive!
The sun illuminates all life
with springtime to arrive!
I look around the country--every
weather going on.
I pray for them each day to God,
that fortunes won't be gone!
And I gloat NOT in these perfect days!
and savor such a morning, before
into the world, I'm led!
Already are my trips ordained
with people, places, things,
but, if I take the Lord with me,
my being freely sings!

And so do I...but not just yet,
I still have a little while
to behold creation with
my Father God, and smile!
To 'hear' His great creation
and take in its wondrous scents,
out here, in the morning, as
I think of it's contents!

Savoring the brilliant morning with
my Jesus at my side!
He makes sure I'm victorious,
I make sure He's glorified!
And we converse so freely before
I head off to work
doing His great bidding as
a humble, merchant clerk!

Every opportunity you get, get out into His creation and be amazed at the moving of His hand!  IT IS RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!  The only effort it takes is PURPOSE on our part to do so, for God's already done the rest!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023


There are folks in our lives each and every day that need reassurance.  As such is given, the whole trajectory of their day will change!  NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!

You are above what you may think,
some say or even feel!
'Trauma,' of whatever sort,
it would attempt conceal
the spectacle, the wonderment,
the beauty that you are!
DO NOT ALLOW IT!  My good friend,
refuse its wretched scar!!
And that 'scar' comes from so many things:
a word, a deed, or each!
God, He would beseech!
For you're the likeness and the image
of Creator God!
Let no man make you 'feel' or 'think'
that you are 'less' or 'flawed!'
And God can use you as you are
even if 'man' cannot!
Exclusive traits and talents every
one of you has got!
For you may be the arm on which
I be the very hand!
I may be the word or lyric,
and you may be the band!

So very many allegories
tell about our worth
since we belong to Jesus Christ,
enjoying second-birth!
So let not a 'man' dictate your 'worth'
or tell you how to feel!
You carry Jesus' seal!

Friend of mine, let nothing or no one in this life allow you to 'feel' or 'sense' that you are anything less than A CHILD OF THE KING!  THE MOST-HIGH GOD!  For He gave His entire being so that you could KNOW this TRUTH!


Sunday, March 12, 2023


Yes, I can hear it now!  Somebody will read this and all they will get out of it is that old 'hippie' saying from years ago!

Savoring the sunshine out

amidst the many trees!
They beautify the landscape as
they dance with every breeze!
They house the ones upon the wing
who sing out all the day!
They reach out with their every branch
to soak up every ray!

And I sing out to God Most High
who makes each one by hand
and places them at His discretion
all across the land.
He paints them individually
and gives them His Own touch,
so birds (and watchers of the same,)
they can enjoy them much!

So poor, the man that thinks he must
destroy these living things
just to profit from the bounty
such creation brings!
There are so many benefits 
that come from God's creation:
the oxygen...the life...the nests
and scenery elation!
And such is why this moment is
so valuable to some!
There is no way to accurately
calculate their sum!
I just know that such is disappearing
at alarming rates!
Enjoy the forests and the trees
before man decimates!!

The purist looks at the grove of trees and gives praise to the God Who created it. 
The farmer looks at the grove of trees and wonders "How much can I get from the crop if I care for it properly?"
The realtor looks at the same grove of trees and says "How much money can I make if I clear them out and build a bunch of homes there?"
TAKE CARE OF THE TREES AROUND YOU, MY FRIEND!  For God put His heart into each one when He created them!

Saturday, March 11, 2023


How important to YOU is someone 'keeping their word?'  Jesus must have thought that it was pretty important, as He addressed it directly!  It all comes down to INTEGRITY!  What you may do or say may seem 'flippant' to you, but others are dependent upon it!

I had a wonderful meal prepared,
and two hours set aside,
I guess that you forgot the date,
or were too occupied...

You said that you would call today
we have a lot to say!
It didn't ring, an emergency
must have got in the way...

We made plans to go have lunch together
later on this week!
But you just 'texted,' telling me
the chance for that is bleak...

Each of us have good intents
of keeping up accord.
But just how faithful are we to
keep plans that we have stored?
All of us are busy and
our lives are very full,
BUT, keeping our word with another,
has the greater pull!

If we are not going to follow through,
then make plans not at all!
Such is better than 'promising'
and then watch someone fall!

The Lord said let your 'Yes' be "Yes!'
or do not make the plan!
It's better to do such than to
let down your brother man!
For MANY count on what you say
to be what you will do,
regardless of how minute the issue
may seem unto YOU!

I see it all too often, being who I am and where I am.  Someone tells another what they 'want to hear' just so they can move on!  Good intentions are ONE thing, FOLLOWING THROUGH on a word is quite another!


Friday, March 10, 2023

Instinct...for most!

All throughout the day, you and I go through different situations with different folks.  The help that you may give them often goes YOU think!

Thank you for stopping traffic when
I couldn't cross the street...
thank you for being there when I 
had nothing left to eat...
thank you helping me to lift
those bags into my car...
thank you for helping me today--
you know who you are!

Works happen all the day while most
would look the other way.
Most will not ask for the assistance,
I'm constantly amazed and blessed
at things 'covertly' done!
Folks are blessed...God is blessed...
prospered be EVERYONE!

And that's the way that life should be
but EVERYWHERE we go!
'Miracles' take place, but others
do not HAVE to know!
BUT GOD, He makes note of it all,
and makes it come back 'round,
and when He does, so very many
blessings, they are found!

You may not have even thought of it
when you reached out your hand.
But your reward awaits on high
if you, uprightly, stand!

Every thought and deed you perform through the day has an effect.  YOU may not think so, but God takes notice, and those on the receiving end are VERY grateful!  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!


Thursday, March 9, 2023


Life, itself, holds so many uncertainties as we go through it.  Companies and corporations and even people can assure you of 'certainties, BUT GOD has yet to fail!

Though gray the morning sight afar,

sunlight, it abounds!
It shines so brightly in the hearts,
(but not upon the grounds!)
It shines in faces and in hearts
that come across my path,
and it goes oh so very far
eliminating wrath!

The Sonlight and the sunlight-
neither can be "seen,"
but we KNOW they're 'presences'
due all through which we've been!
Both of them are necessary
for THIS life to thrive!
The SON of God--the Light of life--
in HIM we are alive!
And we KNOW that He exists
but constantly in LIGHT!
Regardless task or 'atmosphere,
in JESUS we delight!
And He delights in us, we are
'the apple of His eye!'
And we will see Him as He is
soon--when He splits the sky!!

But do not miss Him, even now
my brother, in ALL places!
He makes His Presence known in
situations...locales...and faces!
Glimpses of His Glory to
uplift us to press on;
ensuring us--in everything--
that He will NOT be gone!

God's glorious Presence, at all times and in all places!  It is a welcome relief to His Chosen in whatever we be going through.  AND IT IS ABSOLUTE!  You can certainly count on God!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Winning Hand!

LIFE has something different for every one of us.  Not one of us can say "Life as usual!"  Whatever hand 'life' has dealt you, God can make it a winning hand!  TRUST HIM!

We are so very blessed, we are,

There are so very many things
that could 'put us on the shelf!'
BUT GOD, But God, Himself, assures
that LIFE, it will go on!
And the blessings from His hand
not ever will be gone!
For they flow so very constantly
out of That Giving Hand!
Even throughout the 'situations'
we can't understand!
For such is for HIS reasoning-
that which we CANNOT grasp!
Just know that you are quite secure
inside His very clasp!
And He will NOT release that which
belongs to Him alone:
them that, through the Blood of Jesus,
unto Him are known!

Yea, ALL are known to Him alone,
but them that have The Lord,
they are protected and preserved,
favored and restored!
As long as GOD they serve!
There is so much that He contains
that NO MAN can deserve!
Yet, blessed we are without an end-
just like eternity!
Oh, know Jesus as Your Savior, friend,
and, surely, you will see!

No other way to live victoriously in THIS life!  JESUS ONLY!  And He is available for any and all who ask Him to be their Savior!  HIS GRACE HAS NO END!

Monday, March 6, 2023


No matter where we go these days, we interact with folks.  Unless your life is 100% 'internet,' you WILL interact with folks at one point or another.  Those folks you see 'appear' to have it all together.  Sometimes, that's only a front!  There are a lot of folks out there that are hurting in one way or another...

You cannot 'see' my loneliness
during our transaction...
Can you 'sense' my hopelessness
in our interaction?
You think I 'have it all together'
due to my success!
Truth be told, I'm crying out
for 'fellowship' to bless!

Do you know how it feels to be
'alone' inside a crowd?
Just because 'I am a Christian,
SUCH cannot be allowed?!'
If only you could feel the pain
that I mask oh so well,
You wouldn't 'laugh' as you go by!
Your compassion would compel!
Yes, I belong to Jesus Christ,
I am His very Own!
But due to 'my condition,'
I feel helpless and alone!
But few want to hear such!  We want
to hear the victories!
But some of us are in the valley,
needing societies!!

Do YOU have time for such as I?
Do I fit in your 'plan?'
Not always is His 'glory' present,
sometimes, afflictions ban!
Ministry, at times, is painful,
especially for 'His Own!'
Tell me, will YOU take the time
for healing to be known?

Yes, there are folks out there that are born-again and fully belong to Jesus Christ.  Does that mean that they do not go through aches and pains of daily life?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Be wary, my friend!  There are even 'Christians' out there that 'feel' helpless and hopeless once in a while.  And they are not listening for you to tell them that 'GOD IS ALL YOU NEED!'  They are in need of TRUE and GENUINE fellowship, love and care.  And they are closer than you think!

Off we go!

"Work?"  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  This isn't 'work!!'  It's a great blessing to fly this little jet wherever THEY want to go!

My passengers are loaded.  All systems check.  It's a 6hr. flight, but we are all stocked and ready.  Enjoy your flight...

The taxiway on 2-6 left.
I wait my turn in line.
Palomar off in the distance-
scenery divine!
Historic, the amounts of snow
that it contains this year!
To see it in the distance is
majestic and austere!
Soon, it will be below me as
our flight eastward begins.
As the pilot, I say a prayer,
as we'll be fighting winds!
2-6 left is now all mine,
the tower gives me clearance.
I pull the throttle slowly as 
we make our disappearance!

But God stays with me as we soar,
gaining elevation.
As I gaze down, so ivory is
His glorious creation!
And all about, a cloudless blue
invites me to enjoy!
So fortunate, to be this man
to be in such employ!
And the glory of my destination-
Maui--always green!
My old friend Ted awaits me there,
when my passengers aren't seen!
I can't wait to catch up with him
before my return trip.
My passengers will stay for 'business,'
I'm just piloting this ship!

What a blessing it is to be able to do what I do!  I wait for the phone to ring.  They tell me where they want to go and ask if I want to take them.  With the jet that they own, it is ALWAYS a pleasure and an adventure!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Captain Davis

I was watching the evening news and they did a story on Capt. Davis, whose paperwork for the Congressional Medal of Honor was 'lost somehow' twice!  As I heard of his exploits, I thought he deserved to be honored by those reading my words!

"Though 'bureaucracy' often overlooks,
and 'politics' abound,
though 'partisan politics'
are everyday around,
though decades have gone on and 'your
paperwork got lost,'
we honor YOU, dear Capt. Davis-
you counted NOT the cost!

While your troops were 'bugging out'
by orders from above,
you stayed until your men were safe-
a selfless gift of love!

Your bravery-it took you where
MOST people would not go!
In spite of "color boundaries,"
your TRUE colors show!
May you have many years ahead,
your honor to enjoy;
savoring FINALLY the fruits
that HEROES can employ!
And may WE, as a country, become
ONE--somehow, some way;
regardless of our race, our creed,
or branch that we obey!

You went above.  You went beyond.
And, thus, a few more live!
This medal and this honor, it's
the LEAST that we can give!
WE owe you decades of respect,
and wages overdue!
We thank God He kept you for this day
so we could honor you!"

Thank you again, Capt. Davis, for going above and beyond even what your 'superiors' would have done in those times that were!  May God bless you with HIS abundance!  May he add days to your life, and life to your days!
God bless you. SIR!

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Aaah...The Sounds of Success!

I hear those sounds as I enjoy the morning with Jesus, a cup of coffee and the emergence of the birds and nature!  Join me, won't you?

So many are the sounds of living-

in, around and through!
As I stand out in creation,
each day is anew!
And 'musical' this time of year
as all the birds arrive!
Very soon, the baby birds
will sing and fly and thrive!

How wonderful, the perfect order
God has set in place!
He does so as He loves us and
provides such through His grace!
We praise Him as we recognize
He is all and above!
We do so as we recognize
it's all from His great love!
And, in That Order, He has made
for EVERYONE a place
to occupy and to excel-
no, life is NOT a race!!
In spite of what the world teaches
and tempts us to do,
ALL will succeed and so excel
IF we keep His Word true!

Yea, recognize the sound of living
'round you, all about!
Savor so its holiness
and give to Him a shout!
For He has ordered man's each step,
we only must obey!
And, surely, will His mighty bounty,
TO US, find its way!!

I know that we are told and taught to 'get as much as we can from as many as we can for as long as we can,' but such living will only wear us out and cause ourselves and to others!  Live life HIS way and come to know the TRUE meaning of 'success!'

Ready at all Times!

The longer we live, the more we see the need for what God avails to our world around us!  However, there are also those around us belonging to Him waiting to bless someone!  The need is great, indeed.  But are you CERTAIN that it is YOUR time to respond?

There is so much more awaiting those

who persevere and WAIT!
Though tempting be the instinct to
go forth and set your fate!
Pressing on at Jesus' speed
not only blesses much,
it makes sure troubles and destruction
you don't even touch!
I KNOW there is much to be done,
BUT, have YOU been called?
The blessing and reward is for
ANOTHER that's installed!
For there is PLENTY left for you,
just wait until HE calls!
For if you don't, the floor may drop
and down will come the walls!

I know it's hard to learn the timing
of the Holy Spirit.
But, if you pray and read His Word,
you WILL distinctly hear it!
At THAT time, give it all you've got,
and give to HIM all praise!
He'll see to it your rewarded
with abundance in your days!

So many things to do for others-
the greatest is TO PRAY!
From there, He will direct you as to
what to do or say!
Just be open and available,
enlightened to HIS lead!
Great will your reward be, friend,
as long as you just HEED!

For some of us, the hardest thing in the world to do is to NOT just 'jump in and try to fix everything!'  There is ample opportunity for every believer to be used for His glory!  Just be open to His Spirit lead to know when and where!

Whose 'Power' are You Trusting?

God's ways are far and above our own.  That be settled fact!  He is so merciful and generous, however, that He shares His ways with them that belong to Him.  Yet, there are too many out there attempting to obtain what He has by their own device!  What a waste of time and energy!!

People have necessities,
desires, yes, and WANTS!
The pursuit of grasping such,
so constantly, it haunts!
It's great to have the drive and the
ability to obtain!
But when you lay down your head at night,
can you, then, count your gain?
That which we have garnered, seems to
slip right through each hand!!
At that moment, as one gathers...
where then do we stand?!

"People it's The Lord we need!
He satisfies at length!
To obtain what HE provides,
NO 'HUMAN' has the strength!
It is obtained through JESUS CHRIST,
His Son--not any other!
And cursed be the one attempting
to devise another!
Being 'born again" in him,
His anchor, fast, it holds!
And that beyond our wildest dreams,
He subtly unfolds
seeing to our EVERY NEED
in 'situations' widel
Because we are THE CHOSEN, and
He keeps us satisfied!

ALONE, we strike out attempting
to obtain what's good!
No other Power can provide!
(not that they even could!)
For "the power in the Blood"--it's like
not any other HERE!
Yet press on do some, obstinate!
Oh, when will they see clear?!
Your steps are ordered.  Why not just
SUBMIT unto His lead?
I promise you, you will be grateful
that, HIS WILL, you heed!"

I believe His Word calls it 'grasping at the air' when He calls us to be His servant, yet we cling to OUR own agenda.  Oh, what empty time spent!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Our "Availability"

If we are engaged in anything that involves 'people,' we are to be keenly aware of opportunities to dispense the gifts that God has endowed us with!  (Yes, each of us that belong to Him ARE gifted!!)  BUT, not every one of us are willing to do so!

How many opportunities

do we IGNORE each day
that will have eternal impact
in one's life some day?
Because we have OUR OWN list of
what WE want or need done,
we neglect or we overlook
the necessities of ONE!

"What would Jesus do?" we ask,
then we don't wait to hear!
Opportunities, they are
but constantly so near!
They even come directly to us,
but we're too engrossed
in 'activities' that will
benefit US the most!

There is a Greater Storehouse, into
which we should deposit!
A mighty windfall it could reap,
If only we invested more
into our fellow man,
such could TOTALLY reshape
our 'retirement' plan!!

So needy are the folks we see
but each and every day!
But very few will come right out
and genuinely say!
It's up to one and all that Name
the Son of God as Lord
to look and listen for the 'signs,'
and great be THEIR reward!

The things that people do...the 'meaning' of their words...even their countenance and the way they carry themselves...all of these can be signs TO US that they may need something or just need to talk to someone who cares!  Will YOU be available for them and be HIS HAND EXTENDED?