Friday, February 3, 2023


There is a joy that is so necessary in the world that we are in!  The joy of The Lord!  It is THE way of life in Heaven above, and it is availed to us here is THIS life!

"Your joy, oh Lord!  So necessary
in this day and age!
So very rife, the 'situations'
generating rage!
The more we cling to You, Lord Jesus,
as we move along,
so many more become the verses
to Your Glory Song!

We must not let life's 'situations'
mute that joyous voice!
And this I know, most Mighty Lord,
we each have got a choice
of handing You those 'situations!'
You are more than able
to work them out all to Your glory,
as You can make things 'stable!'

Yea, Lord, Your great stability
so generates such joy!
If only man, Your sovereign ways,
would constantly employ!
For there's no limit to Your joy,
You offer it to all!
All we must do is cling to You,
submitting to Your Call!

Joy unspeakable!  Nowhere else
in life is it availed!
It is a joy that, at NO time,
has ever, ever failed!
Secure be ALL inside Your hand-
the ONLY place secure!
Your perfect love, oh holy Lord,
so very, very pure!"

Friends, know that joy for yourself by asking Jesus to save your soul and become born-again!  There is NOTHING in THIS world like it!  And it is a decision you will NEVER regret!


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