Saturday, February 18, 2023


"Just another day on the job..."  NEVER!  Not with the folks that I work for!  For they have me going all over the world as their "Captain!"

The flight plan calls for 7 hours--
Though 'they' call this a 'business trip,'
the stress for me is zed!
This time, I get to take my wife
in the co-pilot seat!
FINALLY, the folks that I
grew up with she can meet!
Business before pleasure, though,
I must do my pre-flight check.
Walking around this little jet,
each space do I inspect!
Once inside, I check the gear
and go through my routine.
I want to make sure ALL things work
on this costly machine!

Everything checks out alright.
I call "All systems go!"
My employer and his friends
suddenly start to show.
They know my wife already, so
we pack the stuff they've got.
With everybody comfortable,
we taxi to the spot.

Before we get permission from
the tower to go our way,
I tell my crew and guests that I
must pause so we can pray.
For we NEED God on EVERY flight!
And so they join right in.
Then off we go, over the sea
to that island where I've been!

It's not every day that I get to take my wife to 'work' with me, but she was allowed to come this time.  And I cannot wait to show her around where I spent several years of my childhood in the last century!


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