Saturday, February 4, 2023

Will YOU obey?

The call of God.  If you are 'born-again,' then that Call is inside of you.  That entails quite a bit of responsibility!  We reap what we sow.  We cannot outgive God.  And, surely, He will repay you for EVERYTHING that you expend carrying out His Call!

The sunshine on the snowline,
so brilliant and so bright!
Across the meadows and the hills
the vision takes delight!
I take it in as I receive
instruction for the day
from The Creator of it all:
The Truth, The Life, The way!

He makes me wary of some folks
that have some pressing needs,
reminding me that I am one
of them that intercedes!
He gives to me the tools and funds
that may change a life-
a helping hand unto those folks,
thus, lessening their strife.
A lot would cry out 'That's the duty
of the church THEY know!"
But God remains "WE are The Church!"
And asks us "Who will go?"
Well, I'M the one who's made aware,
that they confided in,
therefore, it's up to ME to go,
as privy I have been!
But this I know: I do not go
alone, the Lord's with me!
And He'll assist when I get there,
whatever I should see!

And it's a glory day for this task,
following His lead.
The snow and ice of yesterday,
for it shall not impede!
I KNOW He will direct my steps
as He's my constant guide,
and, from His endless bounty, He
will perfectly provide!
But getting ALL the glory
is God Most High above!

He is THE SOURCE of ALL we own,
He is THE SOURCE of love!

Every one of us that claim to be a "Christian" have a duty and calling every time we step out the door!  AND, we have a Perfect Guide to direct our steps!  Will we heed to that calling, or wait for someone else to receive the blessing of following His lead?


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