Wednesday, February 15, 2023


As busy as this life gets at 'complicated' as some situations in life UNFAIR as this world can be to us...there is better, there is more, and Jesus Christ provides it...IF you let Him!  Don't go another day without Him, my friend!

So high up in the Heavenlies

There's so much going on!
All stresses and all worries,
in That Place, they are all gone!
Rather, there are celebrations
that have not an end!
And when we hear that Trumpet Blast,
His Chosen will descend!

We will join the King of Kings
forever 'round His throne!
Everything that we've 'endured'
in life will be unknown!
Perfection we will come to know,
provided by The Lord--
Him Who's perfect, holy, righteous,
loving and adored!

We go through 'things' now in this life
so we will be prepared
to reside forever in
a Place that's not compared!
Jesus will escort us in
that Perfect Place awaiting,
revealing to us everything
we've been anticipating!

"COME QUICKLY!!!" we cry out, as we 
press on until That Day,
Knowing He directs our steps
but all along the way!
"Life" to vary for us each,
BUT GOD remains the same!

This life is NOT the end, my friend!  However, you MUST know Jesus Christ as your Savior to know the Heaven that He has prepared!  Call me 'intolerant,' but those are HIS rules, not mine!  and HE is NOT complicated or intolerant!  He waits for your heart-cry with open arms!

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