Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Time Thief!

I promise you, as hard as you try not to let it, this world will devour your time!  Even when you are going about 'doing good,' there is NO substitute for devoting time to be in His Presence!

PRAISE GOD!  All great and awesome things-
they flow out of His hand!
They find their way into our lives
in ways none understand!
For HE is THE Provider of
all things that bring us joy!
No thing at all will hinder this-
no stress, event or ploy!

Praise God--for He is worthy!  He is 
great and mighty, too!
You are so blessed abundantly,
and highly favored, too!
You are the 'apple of His eye'
in spite of what you've heard,
and You're in His protective arms
in spite of what's occurred!

Yes, praise God morning, noon or night,
at ANY time at all!
He's ready and available
whenever you may call!
And faithful, He is to respond
unto your precious voice!
He does as He DESIRES to,
not 'obligated' choice!

Oh, praise Him, worship Him, exalt Him-
in spite of daily life!
For He is hindered not a bit
by ecstasy or strife!
For He responds from faithfulness
unto those in His love!
Call on Him ever-constantly
and you'll have place Above!

Ah, my friend, there is so much going on and so many things to keep us busy and AWAY from Him!  DON'T FALL FOR IT!  For THIS world and all that's happening can wait until you WAIT upon God!  As you do, He will see to it that you are well rewarded in this life AND the next!


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