Thursday, February 23, 2023


The day away from paid labor.  I know a lot of folks who try to fill days like this with as much as they can while they are home.  We must MAKE AN EFFORT to change that!

The orchestra resounds today!
Is springtime in the air?
Finally, the little squirrels
seem to be everywhere!
They're all about the acres,
flipping lids, reminding me
it's time to feed them once again
at the feeder on each tree!

Perhaps that's why the birds sing out
as they see me outside?
They know that I store tight the goods
that keep them satisfied!
As I get to the squirrels first,
the volume does increase!
Until I get THEIR feeders hung,
their voices will not cease!

And now, I can sit back.  Relax,
as nature entertains!
Them that make the time for this,
so great to be their gains!
For God has purpose for THIS time-
and, also, restorations
from the duties of the day
and all of its relations!

Yes, wonderful, these moments--oh
so valuable, so real!
So very much is to be found
that nature would conceal!
But this requires TIME ON PURPOSE,
spent outside with Him!
Who, amongst the masses will
belong, belong in them?

Time--ON PURPOSE!  Yes, it takes effort to do everything we do each day.  That includes RELAXING!  For some, that is quite challenging!  However, I promise you, SUCH TIME comes with great reward!  EVERY TIME!

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