Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Fulness of Jesus!

This world and this life require so much from each of us.  HOWEVER, Jesus Christ fulfills all of that when you turn it over to Him!

"My Lord, You are my Everything!

My heart!
I know that, through the end of time,
You never will depart!
Wherever life may take this man
Your Spirit will prepare,
and I'll have opportunity,
Your perfect love, to share!

So unknown be the days that are,
but fully known to You!
Though life may have its way with us,
Lord Jesus, You stay true!
Not ever can we fully know
the time that is to be,
but this we know without a doubt:

Oh Lord, my Lord, far and above
this life and all its ways!
And yet, Lord, You are so involved
with us and all our days!
You are so perfect!  All that You
create is glorious!
And You share it with everyone!
So very generous!

My Lord, You are my everything!
Your love can't be surpassed!
Oh, the blessings from Your hand
so quickly are amassed.
The same to be distributed
that You be known abroad.
I come with adoration, Lord,
Your fulness to applaud!"

The fulness of Jesus is ALL You will ever require in this life!  He is the question and the Answer.  The beginning and the end.  Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you go, JESUS CHRIST IS ALREADY THERE and has all things prepared!  How perfect and wonderful it is to 'belong' to Him!

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