Monday, February 20, 2023

That Massive Tree!!

Aaah...what a glorious day!  Just MAKE time to look around and notice the awe and spectacle of it!  Trust me, it is closer than you think...

Across the street, a sentinel

that's stood for centuries!
It shades the land around about
and whispers to the breeze!
Today, however, it provides
a playground for the birds,
and makes the pen inside my hand
to generate great words!

And God, the Maker of that tree
across the street to stand,
He cares for it; to nourishes it
and make it wholly grand.
The squirrels also use it for
their home and recreation.
How many centuries have seen
this marvelous creation?
And how many yet appreciate
the beauty of it all?
The leaves, they come each year, and they
change color in the fall!
One must put and effort into
noticing His touch.
Surely, there are MAJOR things,
but 'subtleties' are much!

Across the street...behind the house...
each way the eye is cast,
proofs of Father's touches, oh,
but surely are amassed!
And wealthier be them investing
time to seek them out!
O, be amongst the wealthy, ye,
and be ye not without!!

A majestic oak tree.  Driven by thousands of times a year, but noticed and appreciated by how many?  MAKE time, my fellow man, to notice these wonderful creations!  For too many people are 'clearing them out because they are in the way and we MUST develop that land!'

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