Tuesday, February 21, 2023

That Lonely Man!

There is a new occupant in the house down the street.  I went down to introduce myself and offer our assistance if he needed anything.
He replied "THE LAST THING I WANT IS ANYONE COMING AROUND MY HOUSE AND TALKING TO ME!" and slammed the door.  Well...OK!  If we see him when we leave to go to town we wave at him.  No response.  He doesn't even look!  Hmm...

How miserable must be the life
of those refusing 'friends!'
And how does one who TRULY cares,
somehow make amends?!
I yell "Hello!" to my neighbor--
no response at all!
Say, how does one reach out to him,
fulfilling Jesus' Call?

"I bought this house to get away
from drama!"
  He told me
last year when he moved here from
a big community.
Since then, he hasn't smiled, laughed
or waved at anyone!
A very lonely place it is
when 'fellowship' is DONE!

But I pray for this man every day.
For God can help him overcome
as HIS LOVE supersedes!
And God can break through that 'tough' shell
that seems to shield his heart!
And God can even cause a friendship
with that man to start!
Whatever he has been through, what
has happened to his heart,
the love of God can so repair,
a newness to impart!
However, one must be open to
the moving of His Spirit
for that "breakthrough" to take place,
and folks allowed be near it!

We all have crosses to bear.  I cannot help you bear yours and help you overcome if you don't want me or anyone else to.  Again, a life lived thusly is so lonesome.  If that is you, let someone in!  God placed us here for one another!

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