Saturday, February 25, 2023


Be joyful, my friend!  You have the freedom in Jesus Christ to do so!  Sure, LIFE hands us situations that may affect that joy!  Shoot!  if LIFE had its way, there would be no joy at all!  BUT GOD is greater than THIS LIFE!  Thus, He provides a way of escape...whenever we need! 

There is joy that has not got an end

in Him Who is our Hope!
When it seems that 'life' we must 'defend,'
with HIS victory we cope!
But 'cope' not only!  We excel
in ALL that we must face!
The 'speed of life,' no matter what-
it's GOD Who sets the pace!

For man may THINK he has control
of what is said and done;
even EDIFYING himself
to say 'I'M NUMBER ONE!'
BUT GOD, He saw THIS moment, even
prior to ALL living,
and treatment that is apropos,
forever, He is giving!
Said treatment, it includes so much
that we can fathom not!
If we but just avail ourselves,
THE REST, the Lord has got!
And He will so restore that joy
that 'life' cannot affect!
And, in HIS joy, we shall reside
where 'life' cannot infect!

Yes, Heaven--it is timeless, and
we SHALL attend That Place
by KNOWING 'that joy' by partaking
of His saving grace!

Yes, my friend, there IS joy!  Whomever you are, whatever you've done, whatever you may be going through, THAT JOY is available for YOU!  You must only tap into it!

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