Sunday, February 26, 2023


So many folks are so busy with so many things!  "Ministry" often then gets overlooked...even though, at times, it is right before our eyes!

"You walked right past me on your way

to church on Sunday morning.
Was it my appearance and my 'smell'
that sent to you a 'warning?'
For that same Jesus that You know,
He visits me each day,
making sure I'm alive and meeting
my needs for the day!

Has He put me here to be a 'test'
of where your heart is at?
He took me in with open arms,
you just drove by and spat!
And then you sit in service wondering
why you are not 'blessed!?'
Retrace your steps, my brother friend,
you failed the simplest test!"

Who can know the 'where' or 'how'
The Lord will come beside?
The greatest thing that we can do
All throughout our every day
be opportunity
to be His hand extended in
the world in which we be!
But be ye wary--opportunities
sometimes He'll mask,
and it calls on our empathy
to recognize the task!

For we are with folks all the day,
and Jesus is with THEM!
We must be on the lookout for
those reaching for His hem!

Yes, so many opportunities all day long to be of service to Jesus!  Sometimes, that 'service' isn't very pretty.  Sometimes, it stinks!  It IS, however, service FOR Him and it is expected of each of us!  STOP LETTING IT PASS BY!

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